Staff Development

BIFM is dedicated to advancing the facilities management profession
by supporting individuals and employers. BIFM’s products and services
are underpinned by the FM Professional Standards which provide an
established framework which cover core FM competences from entry
level through to strategic level. Employers can use the framework as
part of their staff development programmes.

BIFM qualifications, membership and training programmes are built around these standards to support individuals in achieving and maintaining these standards of excellence in facilities management.

The FM Professional Standards

The FM Professional Standards Framework is the supporting structure that defines:

  • the key functions performed by facilities management practitioners
  • the competences that are required to be a competent professional
  • the competences required at each FM career level, from a support role
    through to a strategic role.

Employers can utilise the standards for talent management; for staff development and to analyse the workforce’s skills to identify gaps and appropriate development programmes.

Group Membership

If you employ a number of facilities management professionals your employees can become members of the Institute, hold designatory letters to demonstrate their experience and knowledge, and access all the benefi ts of individual membership through a group membership scheme. As an employer you become a ‘BIFM Investor in FM Professional Development’ which include access to a range of services to support them in their career and professional development.

Facilities management qualifications

The BIFM qualifi cations have been designed for FM practitioners to cover the knowledge, skills and competences required of individuals at every stage of their career. Employers can utilise these to develop their teams and improve organisational effectiveness. The qualifi cations have been designed to be fl exible so they can be customised to suit both the learner and the employer’s business needs. They cover real need-to-know FM knowledge, skills and competence and all have clearly stated learning outcomes and assessment criteria.

The qualifications have been written for an international audience, although reference is made to key legislation, each country is able to apply its own legislative requirements.

Employers can partner with a recognised centre for qualifi cations delivery.

Become a BIFM Recognised Centre

Many leading employers are choosing to become BIFM Recognised Centres. This commitment is a resounding endorsement to the value that employers are putting in the BIFM qualifi cations in facilities management. As an Employer this option gives you the ability to utilise the training programmes you currently deliver in-house and by mapping those against the BIFM Qualifi cations. Thiswill enable your employees to work towards the achievement of an internationally recognised qualification.

Talk to us about developing your FM people

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