Facilities Show | EMEX

BIFM supports a range of exhibitions and trade shows throughout the year relevant to the FM industry, built environment and anything that could support our members' professional development or industry recognition.

These will be listed on the BIFM Events calendar as BIFM partner events.

Facilities Show

BIFM’s main exhibition partnership is with Facilities Show, Excel London which happens in June annually.

The BIFM Career zone at Facilities Show attracts thousands of customers over three days that are seeking advice and inspiration on FM professional and career development.

Facilities Show 2017, in assocation with BIFM will take place 20-22 June.

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BIFM also supports EMEX (Energy Management Exhibition) aimed at anybody responsible for improving their organisation's energy efficiency. EMEX establishes and builds partnerships between business, third party intermediaries, training suppliers, government and public bodies to accelerate the adoption and the implementation of energy efficiency measures in order to reduce energy use and lower carbon emissions.

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The ’BIFM Careers Zone’ returns to Faciliites Show, Excel London on 20-22 June - hosting three days worth of sessions tailored towards professional and career development from the individual's and employer's perspective.

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