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Women in FM

Networking, Supporting, Encouraging, Developing - From a Different Perspective

The Women in FM SIG is a group that listens to the needs of its members and the wider BIFM membership, and organises events and programmes to support them. The SIG prides itself on demonstrating BIFM values and competences, and encouraging both men and women to focus on their CPD.

Whatís in it for you as a member of the WiFM SIG?

WiFM is not elitist or cliquey Ė itís an inclusive and supportive environment.  WiFM offers you many opportunities to network, which will help you to:

> Raise your profile in the industry
> Give and seek advice
> Share successes and learn from otherís experience
> Hear about opportunities - allows for word-of-mouth jobs to reach you
> Grow in confidence
> Contribute by getting involved - a chance to give something back to the industry.

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Lucy Jeynes


Telephone: 01926314312

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