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12-05-17 Due diligence key to Brexit Protected
Herpreet Kaur Grewal spoke to Clair Huffman at Morphose about Brexit and the future of FM.
12-05-17 Bang goes the nuclear theory Protected
For companies in the support services sector, long-term outsourcing contracts from the government have been a rich seam to be mined in recent years, writes Graeme Davies. But what happens when contracts go bad?
11-04-17 Doubt remains the name of the game Protected
It has been an unhappy few weeks for the quoted FM sector after a slew of disappointing corporate announcements, writes Graeme Davies.
10-04-17 FM: Going from B2B to H2H Protected
Neil Murray, recently appointed CEO of JLL's corporate solutions business, speaks to FM World about the FM market in 2017.

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