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FM Business Confidence MOnitor


The UK Business Confidence Monitor

The UK Facilities Management (FM) Business Confidence Monito r is a piece of research conducted by BIFM, Barclays and publishers i-FM to measure buoyancy across the FM sector. The UK FM Business Confidence Monitor 2017 report  is available for download here.


Sustainability in FM report

BIFM has published the findings from the 10th annual Sustainability in Facilities Management survey that provides a barometer on how facilities management professionals and the businesses they represent are engaging with the sustainability agenda.

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This survey is a collaboration between BIFM and the British Association of Removers (BAR).

It brings together the views of the industry and its suppliers in a unique project, tracking the changing trends in the commercial removal market place.

Commercial moves include all service provision for workplace change in the public and private sector.

The survey was distributed to those in the public and private sector, who have responsibility for commercial moves within their business.

Full survey report 2015

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FM and the Trust Dividend report

Do FM teams have trusting relationships with their FM suppliers? What role does timely, relevant business information have in building that trust and how does that impact on senior management support and the ability to improve performance.

FM and the Trust Dividend explores these themes and assesses whether there are any common approaches in those organisations that claim to be more confident with their FM performance.

Insights from more than 150 FMs across UK businesses form the basis of this report, sponsored by Cloudfm. The project explores the attitudes of organisations towards their FM departments and FM suppliers, and how these are influenced by the FM policies they work with.

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BIFM and NEF survey

A survey by BIFM and the National Energy Foundation (NEF) into experiences and expectations of improving the use of energy in buildings has found that facilities management (FM) professionals are highly committed to maximising energy improvements – but still lack metering and monitoring tools to establish accurate baselines and track progress. While 90% of respondents know their annual energy costs, only half of respondents knew how the buildings were performing compared to design, and nearly a third were not comparing the building’s performance over time.

Three quarters of respondents are working towards a relative percentage energy reduction target, although the survey found respondents had mixed levels of confidence in achieving these. While 40% of respondents use Building Management Systems, monthly consumption data is still the primary data tool available for most FM professionals to navigate the complexities of energy management.

Technology (such as new plant), was cited as the most important factor in improving the use of energy by nearly half of respondents, closely followed by, and interlinked with, “behaviour”. Offsetting and certification was seen as having the most limited impact. Worryingly, FM professionals estimated that, even if the desired technology and behaviour changes were made, only a further 10% reduction in energy usage was possible. This is considerably less than the savings found by the best energy improvement projects.

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