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Annual Sustainability in FM Survey 2015

BIFM, has now released the 9th annual Sustainability in FM survey which looks at the way that facilities management (FM) professionals are engaging with the sustainability agenda.

The survey has revealed a 20 per cent decrease among businesses in how effective their organisation is at executing sustainability policies compared to 2014. In this year’s survey, more than a third (40 per cent) said they thought their organisation was ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’ at implementing sustainability, compared to over half (60 per cent) last year, and 43 per cent in 2013.

Executive Summary

The Sustainability in FM Executive Summary can be downloaded here.

Full Report

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Developed in conjunction with the BIFM Sustainability Special Interest Group, the survey explores what sustainability means to organisations, which teams take the lead, the role that FM plays and how initiatives are measured and reported. 

The data generated from this year’s survey can be compared to almost a decade of trend data. It will give a good view of how attitudes have developed and assess collaborative cross-functional working, levels of innovation, use of systems and processes and the barriers which might exist to the development of sustainable business practices.

Gareth Tancred, CEO, BIFM said:

“The BIFM ‘Sustainability in FM’ survey shines a light on our profession. We hope to paint a picture of how environmental, sustainable and corporate social responsibility approaches differ across the sectors of the economy and create a shared vision right across the economy and we want to see FM professionals stepping up ton of what needs to be done. In previous surveys we’ve witnessed a tick box approach. With so much of the sustainability agenda sitting within FM, our industry and FM professionals are well placed to take the lead whilst continuing to raise the bar on professionalising what we do."


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