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15 Jan 2016 BIFM seeks to appoint a Non-Executive Director (Finance)
BIFM seeks to appoint a financially-grounded Non-Executive Director onto the BIFM Board.
7 Aug 2014 BIFM launches new FM Glossary
BIFM has launched the FM Glossary, a new tool to educate its members and the wider industry about the world of facilities management.
1 Sep 2010 Sign up to CPD
Sign up to continue your professional development with the BIFM.
24 May 2010 Highlights for FM in Government's programme
Following the Chancellor's announcement of £6.2bn of public sector spending cuts, the BIFM's corporate & public affairs director identifies items in the Government's programme which will particularly impact FM.
13 May 2010 Total Professions Launch New Website
Total Professions launch new website dedicated to providing a 'one stop shop' for the professions.

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17 Apr 2008 BA looks to restore reputation after feeling bite of T5 ‘teething trouble’
As I discussed in this column recently reputations in the City are hard won and very easily lost and the market tends to have a long memory when it comes to forgiving indiscretions.
24 Jan 2008 Bucking the trends in torrid times FM market displays positive signs
Retail sales are down, the housing market is stalling and the outlook for the jobs market is as gloomy as it has been for a decade.

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10 Sep 2007 VAT trap
There’s a ‘rumble in the FM jungle’, and it appears to be getting louder. But, I am unsure where it will stop, or if in fact it will go anywhere at all.
9 Mar 2007 Reits ahead
The first day of January 2007 was an important date for the UK real estate industry. It marked the beginning of the new UK regime for real estate investment trusts (Reits).
16 Jun 2006 Purpose built
Office design and re-fit specialists are consistently impressed with the number of clients who put staff morale top of the agenda when undertaking an office move or refurbishment.
4 Mar 2005 Black hole sums
What are you going to do when you hit retirement age? Jump on to the first cruise ship round the world, or sit at home by your single-bar electric heater and count the pennies?

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6 Jun 2017 Cutting Costs but Maintaining Services (Code 1706CCM)
13 Jun 2017 Financial Management 1 - The Essentials (Code 1706FIN1)

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Charitable Donations Policy 31 March 2016
Finance guidance for BIFM volunteers
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2015 Individual Representative for Members' Council Candidate Forms protected
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2015 Corporate Representative to Members' Council Candidate Forms protected
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BIFM FM glossary - updated September 2014
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