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Fellow (FBIFM)

Guide to Fellowship of the BIFM

Fellowship of the BIFM is the most prestigious grade of BIFM membership – a true mark of distinction and an aspiration for all, and the designation of fellowship is now more than ever a badge of achievement.

The attainment of fellowship should be the goal for all, and is the level at which other professions will measure you and BIFM. To become a Fellow of the institute individuals are required to hold the Certified member status and are expected to have at least five years senior facilities management experience.

This guide explains how the process of assessment for FBIFM works, as well as giving you some guidance on how to complete the application at each stage.

Assessment fees

  • Assessment Fee for Professional Leadership Review (PLR) and Peer Review Panel (PRP) £298.80

Membership fee

  • Fellow (FBIFM) membership fee is £257*

Please note the Peer review panel fee is only applicable once the PLR has been successfully assessed.

Please note assessment fees are inclusive of VAT which from is charged at 20%.

Assessment process

Applicants will be required to submit a completed upgrade application form which can be completed online by clicking here and selecting the ‘Upgrade’ option or by downloading a copy of the upgrade form at the bottom of this page.

Applicants must submit the following documents to support their application;


There are guidelines and instructions for the Reflective CPD Record and the Professional Leadership Review (PLR) to assist in completing the supporting materials.

The BIFM Board has appointed a Fellowship Assessment Panel (FAP) to assess applications for Fellowship.This is made up of Fellows of the institute who have significant facilities management experience. Your CV and Job Description will be assessed to determine your length and level of experience and to ensure this meets the requirement for Fellowship.

Your Reflective CPD Record will also be assessed to determine your professionalism and commitment to the industry.Providing this information meets the criteria your Professional Leadership Review will be passed to the FAP for assessment.

The Professional Leadership Review has been designed for you to demonstrate your experience by giving examples of projects and/or tasks undertaken against two key BIFM competences; Personal Leadership and Development and Trends in Facilities Management.It is suggested that you write around 5000 words in total against these competences. If acceptable you will then be invited to the final stage of the assessment which is a Professional Discussion with members of the Fellow Assessment Panel. The interviews are scheduled specifically for each candidate, you will be required to confirm your attendance, and also pay the interview assessment fee.

The interview will last for a minimum of 30 minutes and will be in 2 parts:

Part 1: A presentation by you for about 10-15 minutes, based on a chosen topic from your PLR. This is your opportunity to explore and present your views, thoughts and personal effectiveness and to stimulate debate on current FM challenges. You may, for example, use examples of creativity or innovation that you have implemented, or give your views on future developments, or discuss areas within BIFM where you might want to get involved and why.

Part 2: A professional discussion with your assessors, based on your PLR and on your presentation. The assessors will be seeking to confirm the appropriateness of your interventions and thoughts, the possible outcomes, and to delve in more detail to ascertain your commitment and contribution as well as current influence. In framing their questions, or by taking the discussion in a particular direction, they will show their interest in finding out the reasons for your statements and what lies behind them.

Overall the aim of the interview is to draw out and assess the relevance, range, depth and currency of your knowledge, experience and leadership – an holistic assessment of the understanding of Facilities Management at a strategic and influential level. It is important to establish what you do, not what your organisation does, and to establish your motivation for applying for Fellowship, as this can provide a useful insight into your understanding of professionalism, and your future intentions for active involvement in BIFM. You will receive credit for substantiated opinions, no matter whether they are unorthodox or politically partial; dogmatic statements without reasoned support do not demonstrate the level of thinking required for Fellowship.

Assessment decisions

The final assessment decision is based on the FAP interview (only if your PLR is successfully assessed will you be invited to the interview). The panel must decide whether to recommend election by the Board to Fellowship. You will be notified in writing within 5 working days of the interview of the panel decision. If the decision is positive, a formal recommendation will be sent to the Board to ratify.

If a negative decision is made, appropriate feedback will be provided.

*Paying by direct debit

Those paying by annual direct debit are eligible to receive a 5% discount off the membership fee. For Fellow this means your membership fee is reduced to £242 per year. To pay for your membership by direct debit please download the direct debit form.

Tax relief is available on our membership subscriptions.


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