Phil Ibbotson

Phil Ibbotson

Job title

Workplace Services Contract Manager


Central Science Laboratory

Brief description of the job and key responsibilities:

I act as intelligent client liaison to all our service providers as well as projects managing them in delivering all hard and soft workplace services for the agency. I also get involved with security, environmental management systems, business continuity, disaster recovery, catering and childcare services.

What attracted you to the job?

The government connection was an obvious attraction, as well as the nine- minute commute to work. I had driven past the place hundreds of times wondering what on earth happened inside. Now I know.

What are the best bits?

Dealing with scientists who are world leaders in their respective fields. The lab is also an extremely pleasant working environment to be in. all 86 acres of it.

Brief run-down of your previous roles:

I enjoyed 26 years in the army before jumping ship to work for British Airways at Heathrow in World Cargo Operations. I then joined Serco at RAF Fylingdales managing the BMEWS Support Services. Following a brief interim operational post with NCP in York, I moved to The Central Science Laboratory.

Why and when did you join the BIFM?

I joined in the mid 1990s. I identified that being part of a recognised professional association would assist me in my career search.

Whatís in your desk pedestal?

Shoe polish and brushes, needle and cotton. Throwback from my military career. I cannot stand dirty shoes.

What car do you drive?

I drive a Mazda 6, I am car mad and change my car regularly, and I just love Japanese reliability and ergonomic fluidity.

Any interesting tales to tell?

I once convinced a CEO that we must carry out a site evacuation exercise as part of our BCP plans, even though it costs the lab at least £50,000 per hour in lost revenue while the scientists are away from their experiments. It didnít help matters that while we were going through the drills we had a duff fire alarm go off. On the plus side the police and fire service commanders who were on site at the time were mightily impressed by our ability to handle two major incidents at once.