Moving to Fellow grade

Enjoy the benefits

Fellowship grade is BIFMs most prestigious grade of membership. Its a true mark of distinction and a badge of achievement. It enables you to demonstrate your continued achievements within the industry, ensuring that your considerable skills and knowledge are recognised.
There are other benefits too:

  • Use FBIFM after your name on business cards, emails, websites and other business collateral to reflect your high level of membership
  • Improve your career prospects
  • Show your commitment to FM industry standards
  • Be part of shaping the future of BIFM - and give back to the FM profession

Am I eligible to upgrade?

You may be eligible to become a Fellow if you currently have or previously have had significant FM experience and can demonstrate a sustained or significant contribution to the profession or industry.

All we need to upgrade you is:

  • a completed Fellowship Application Form
  • submission of a CV
  • job description
  • named referees that sponsor the application.

Stage 1: complete the Fellowship Application Form, including your CV and job description

Stage 2: Peer Review (Fellow Assessment Panel)
As a result of the assessment, an interview may take place to gather further information. This may be carried out by telephone / video conference or in person.

The Assessment Fee is 300.00

Please click here to view the Fellow page.

Contact us

If you have any queries regarding your membership or upgrading, please contact our Membership team on+44 (0) 1279 712650 or via email at


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