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Depending on the size of qualification, you will have a certain number of mandatory units that you have to complete. After this, you can make up your remaining credits by choosing from the available units.


Award in Facilities Management Certificate in Facilities Management Diploma in Facilities Management
Credit value Minimum 12 credits Minimum 24 credits Minimum 48 credits
Mandatory units One (6 credits) Two (14 credits) Five (32 credits)
Optional units 6 credits 10 credits 16 credits

Mandatory and optional units

Unit title
Mandatory units
Facilities management development and trends
6 D
FM5.02 Organisational and facilities management strategy
FM5.03 Managing people in facilities management
FM5.04 Risk management in facilities management 6 D
FM5.05 Financial management in facilities management 6 D
Optional units
FM5.06 Facilities management support services operations 6
FM5.07 Managing health and safety in facilities management 6
FM5.08 Performance measurement in facilities management 3
FM5.09 Providing leadership and management in facilities management 4
FM5.10 Managing information and knowledge in facilities management 3
FM5.11 Managing facilities management projects 6
FM5.12 Managing negotiations in facilities management 3
FM5.13 Managing relationships with suppliers and specialists in facilities management 6
FM5.14 Quality management in facilities management 6
FM5.15 Customer service in facilities management 3
FM5.16 Property and asset management for facilities managers 6
FM5.17 Property, fabric and building services maintenance for facilities managers 6
FM5.18 Space management for facilities managers 3
FM5.19 Sustainability and environmental management and the impact on facilities management 4
FM5.20 Energy and utilities management and the impact on facilities management 3
FM5.21 Managing procurement and contracts in facilities management 4
FM5.22 Implementing change in an organisation and managing the impact on facilities management 4

When studying the Award or Certificate you can also select from the remaining mandatory units, rather than the optional units, if desired.

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