BIFM Level 5 Extended Diploma in Facilities Management

BIFM level 5 qualifications in facilities management reflects the ability to identify and use relevant understanding, methods and skills to address broadly-defined, complex problems. It includes taking responsibility for planning and developing courses of action as well as exercising autonomy and judgement within broad parameters. It also reflects understanding of different perspectives, approaches or schools of thought and the reasoning behind them.

Who are they for?

BIFM level 5 qualifications in facilities management are for specialist facilities managers. They are typically for those working at a middle or senior management level who are responsible for more specialised and complex functions. They are, however, also suitable for those aspiring to these roles and looking to stretch and develop themselves.

You are likely to be heading up:

  • Single or multi-site operations
  • Hard and/or soft service provision
  • Partner relationships
  • Performance management
  • Major projects with capital spend
  • Compliance in health and safety and other key critical legislation
  • Financial management

 Choosing the units

Depending on the size of qualification, you will have a certain number of mandatory units that you have to complete. After this, you can make up your remaining credits by choosing from the available units.

 Mandatory Units

Unit Title
Facilities management development and trends
Organisational and facilities management strategy
Managing people in facilities management
Risk management in facilities management
Financial management in facilities management
Reflective facilities management practice 6

Optional units

Unit Title
 Facilities management support services operations
 Managing health and safety in facilities management  6
 Performance measurement in facilities management  3
 Providing leadership and management in facilities management  4
 Managing information and knowledge in facilities management  3
 Managing facilities management projects  6
 Managing negotiations in facilities management  3
 Managing relationships with suppliers and specialists in facilities management  6
 Quality management in facilities management  6
 Customer service in facilities management  3
 Property and asset management for facilities managers  6
 Property, fabric and building services maintenance for facilities managers  6
 Space management for facilities managers  3
 Sustainability and environmental management and the impact on facilities management  4
 Energy and utilities management and the impact on facilities management  3
 Managing procurement and contracts in facilities management  4
 Implementing change in an organisation and managing the impact on facilities management  6
 Manage working relationships in facilities management  5
 Manage compliance with regulation and legislation in facilities management  7
 Manage and implement policies in facilities management  4
 Co-ordinate work control in major facilities management projects  9
 Plan estates in facilities management  10
 Expand the provision of facilities management services  5
 Develop and mobilise facilities management contracts  8

* CV = Credit Value  

 Next steps

To take the next steps to studying the level 5 extended diploma in facilities management, contact your nearest or most suitable centre. If you want to find out more about the qualifications or talk through your options:

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