Richard Zsirai

Job Title: Facilities Coordinator                                        
BIFM Qualification achieved: Level 3 Certificate in Facilities Management Practice
BIFM Recognised Centre: BIFM Direct

Interview with Richard Zsirai

1.  How did you get into FM?

After graduating from university I landed a job with University of the Arts London as a Facilities Assistant in their Estates and Facilities department

2. Which level qualification have you achieved and what motivated you to undertake a BIFM Qualification?

I achieved a Level 3 Certificate in Facilities Management Practice through BIFM Direct. My motivation was to further my knowledge of Facilities management and gain a recognised qualification.

3. What were your main goals in taking the BIFM qualification?

My main goals in taking the BIFM qualification were to increase my competency, knowledge, and to make myself more employable after nearly five years in my old position.

4. How did you find the studying and how have you applied your learning into your workplace? (E.g. Challenges, best parts)

I found the online option of BIFM Direct really suited my learning style as the classroom environment was not an option given my working hours. The package provided by BIFM allowed me to study across multiple devices as much or as little as possible with a two year timeframe. The tutor and assessor were both knowledgeable and helpful throughout. I found the structure and content highly enjoyable and relevant. I am now applying my knowledge in my new role for example I am currently managing a contract using my learning on contract management. The biggest challenge was learning about budget through my course as I had not been exposed to it in depth in my previous employment.

5. How has the qualification helped you? (E,g, career progression, knowledge, self-confidence)

The qualification enabled me to obtain a new role with a higher position and responsibilities that have increased my knowledge and confidence whilst also allowing me to become more involved in contributing to the Facilities industry through being a member of BIFM attending events, undertaking webinars to further my professional development and increasing my knowledge and competency in current role.

6. What message would you give to someone thinking of undertaking a BIFM qualification?

For anyone considering a BIFM qualification I would recommend it as for me it really opened doors and has enabled development. As an organisation BIFM is highly professional and continuing to evolve and support it's members and those studying with BIFM will be given nothing but the best guidance and truly come away with a qualification that is relevant and can help you progress both personally and professionally.


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