BIFM Qualifications for Scotland

BIFM is approved by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) Accreditation as an awarding body to deliver the BIFM qualifications to employers and centres in Scotland.
This means that individuals in Scotland can officially undertake a BIFM qualification regulated by SQA Accreditation and recognised nationally and internationally. This will assist them in developing their knowledge and skills and further their career in FM. It provides employers with the assurance that their workforce has the relevant knowledge and skills to fully support their business objectives.

BIFM will be subject to regulation by SQA Accreditation providing assurance to learners, employers, funding bodies and the Scottish Government of the quality of the BIFM qualifications in Scotland.

The BIFM Level 3 (QCF) Qualifications in Facilities Management have been credit rated and levelled against the Scottish Qualification Credit and Qualification Framework (SCQF) to become the following qualifications on the SCQF:

Qualification Title

SCQF Level
SCQF Credit

SCQF Credit

BIFM Award in Facilities Management at SCQF Level 5
 5  7
BIFM Certificate in Facilities Management at SCQF
Level 6

 6 16 19
BIFM Diploma in Facilities Management at SCQF Level 6
 6 27 31
BIFM Certificate in Facilities Management Practice at SCQF Level 6
 6 17 23

About SQA Accreditation

Under Scottish Government legislation, SQA Accreditation quality assures qualifications offered in Scotland by approving awarding bodies and accrediting their qualifications. SQA Accreditation do this by regulating awarding bodies and their qualifications against published regulatory requirements.

About the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF)

The SCQF is a non regulated framework In Scotland and was introduced in its current form in 2001 as an integrative framework to cover all qualifications including those awarded by higher education institutions.

The SCQF is jointly managed by the Scottish Qualification Authority, Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education, Universities of Scotland, Association of Scotlandís Colleges and Scotlandís Government.

The SCQF contains twelve levels, The Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) eight levels are comparable but not equivalent.  The first three levels are broadly comparable with the Entry levels in the QCF and CQFW.

Just like the QCF, the SCQF also covers schools, colleges, and vocational training. The SCQF too is based on awarding credit points which reveal the size of qualification and the system of levels which indicates qualificationís difficulty but in contrary to the QCF, the SCQF has 12 rather than 8 levels.

Just like in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, one credit point in Scotland roughly represents 10 hours of learning.

Further details can be found here:

Next steps

If you are:

  • a training organisation that wants to deliver the BIFM qualifications accredited in Scotland
  • a learner who wishes to study for a BIFM qualification accredited in Scotland or;
  • an employer who wants more information on the qualifications for your employees

    Please contact the BIFM qualifications team, telephone 01279 712 651 or email

    Read more about the SQA Accreditation here.


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