Study Skills

Study Skills and Reflective Practice

Jill Fortune MA BSc (Hons) CBIFM MRICS FHEA has a background in property and FM practice and over 17 years-experience educating practicing Facilities Managers. During her time at Sheffield Hallam University she successfully designed, developed and delivered qualifications in FM at a range of levels and has worked with in-house and outsourced FM teams to address their continuing professional development needs.  
Jill recently guest presented a BIFM webinar on study skills and reflective practice.

Different people learn in different ways. There isn't one single best way to learn, though certain approaches may be more or less effective in different disciplines or for different activities. What is essential is that you have some knowledge and understanding of the way that you learn. Without this, you may end up feeling unsuccessful or frustrated.
With an understanding of your learning style, you can seek out experiences that draw on the strength of your approach, and adapt your writing, thinking, speaking and listening to the learning approaches of other people, and make a conscious effort to develop your skills at other approaches to learning to help you cope with particular situations.

Jill has developed a study skills and reflective practice guide which might be of benefit to learners as they commence or even part way through their BIFM studies.

> A copy of the guide is available here.