It's our Anniversary!

In 2018 it is 25 years since the Institute of Facilities Management and the Association of Facilities Management merged to create the BIFM and set out on our mission to advance the FM profession.

We reach our silver milestone at a time when our relatively young industry is evolving, and we come of age at a time when the economic and technological challenges that Facilities Managers are facing are unprecedented in both their magnitude and pace.

What an exciting and opportune time to be in our profession.

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to download our Anniversary Pack which looks at BIFM, its development and that of our profession over the last 25 years. It sets us against an operating backdrop that Ė whatever your benchmark - has in fact been moving fast throughout that time. Back in 1993, there were certainly no smartphones or social media and the Internet was very much in its infancy.

We place our environment in context, past and present, and we look towards the future as we plan toward new opportunities.

Join us as we reflect on:

> Our professionís proud heritage and the contribution FMs are making to todayís workplaces.

> How BIFM has strengthened its foundations and is fit for a future of sustained growth and development.

> The need to grasp the opportunities of the future.

Letís begin with a look at how far our profession and your Institute has come since 1993 and the wide-ranging impact youíve had.