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BIFM has announced plans to develop its services to members, to include ‘workplace’ in its name and to work towards establishing facilities management as a chartered profession.





The Manifesto for Change

In response to research with BIFM members, the BIFM Board has recommended that the Institute changes its name from the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM), to the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM) and begins the path to attaining chartered body status.

The announcement, which was made on 1 March 2018, sets the Institute the twin tasks of helping members to improve their skills and their status to meet the needs of modern organisations, and of raising the profile of facilities management and the understanding of the value it contributes.

BIFM Chair, Steve Roots, has introduced the manifesto in the Institues' 25th anniversary year, and is keen to understand the attitude of members to this proposal: “As a professional body, the work we do to raise professionalism in the industry is funded by our members. It is therefore for you to say if you support this proposed name change and you will have the chance to vote for or against it at the Institute’s AGM on the 5th of July.”






Why Workplace?

In today’s economy people can and do, work anywhere, not just in offices or shops but at home, on site and on the go. Meanwhile, workplaces themselves represent a significant proportion of any operation’s costs, so when organisations bring people together in workplaces, there needs to be a value to doing so. That value comes about through making connections and feeling a sense of joint purpose and direction.

This changes the role of FMs to one of empowering work wherever it takes place, and of making workplaces productive. It’s no longer just about how many people you can fit into a space or how cheap services can be, it’s about how you can help people optimise their performance.

This is a new opportunity which is:

  • broader than traditional FM and
  • more complex than traditional FM – embracing modern technology to identify ways of increasing productivity and minimising cost and downtime.


Workplace: The Opportunity

People ask how the term workplace can apply to the broad range of work BIFM members do? Because workplace means different things to different people, it can be misunderstood or undervalued. So, the Institute has produced further analysis of views on workplace and how we can embrace the unique opportunity it presents for the FM profession: a chance to connect its work directly into core business strategy.

The latest research, carried out as part of our insight partnership with workplace and research specialists 3edges contains a mixture of provocative thinking and practical tools. It explores the workplace opportunity and how FMs can take advantage of it.


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