BIFM Annual General Meeting

BIFMís Annual General Meeting is usually held in June or July each year but always within 15 months of the last AGM.

The AGM provides members with the opportunity to engage with the Board and exercise their vote to contribute to the future direction of the Institute.

All those that hold the grade of Member, Certified Member, Fellow or Honorary Fellow are eligible to vote on the resolutions presented to the AGM.

All members are given Formal Notice of the AGM at least 14 days prior to the date the meeting is planned to take place on.

All relevant AGM Papers and guidance notes are uploaded onto the specific AGM page and aim to help members in their voting decisions.

These include the following documents.

  • Chairmanís letter and invitation
  • Notice of meeting including the resolutions being voted on
  • Minutes of previous AGM
  • Articles & any supporting guidance notes if the Articles are being presented for amendment
  • Annual Report
  • BIFM Financial Accounts [Of Audited Accounts for the previous year ending]

Any questions around the AGM, the process of voting for resolutions or governance questions in general please contact the Company Secretary on