Code of professional conduct

1 Introduction
1.1 BIFM is the professional body representing the interests of Facilities Management. Its function is to promote high standards, to foster professionalism and to emphasise the responsibility of members to society, to their clients and to each other as outlined in this Code of Conduct (the Code).
1.2 The Code cannot claim to be comprehensive so where dilemmas remain members are expected to interpret the Code within its overall spirit and seek guidance from the Council through BIFM Office.
1.3 This Code is issued by BIFM for compliance by all classes of membership.
1.4 As a condition of membership of BIFM all members undertake to be bound by the Articles of Association, Bylaws and Regulations of BIFM and to abide by the Code.
2 Compliance
2.1 Members should conduct themselves at all times in a manner befitting a professional of BIFM and in no circumstances to engage in any act or behaviour that could bring BIFM or its membership into disrepute.
2.2 Members who are entitled to use post nominal letters which include the expression ‘BIFM’ will be notified of this entitlement by BIFM Office. Members without entitlement may not, in any circumstances, use such post nominal letters.
2.3 Members shall refrain from using their membership or the name of BIFM to promote the products or services of their company or for any personal gain.
2.4 Members shall undertake to keep abreast of new knowledge and techniques and to share that information wherever and whenever appropriate for the general benefit of their professional colleagues.
2.5 Members shall participate whenever possible in the activities of BIFM and promote and protect the interests of the Institute.
2.6 Members shall promote the education and training of Facilities Managers wherever practical.
2.7 Members shall encourage suitable candidates to apply for membership of BIFM.
2.8 Members should have due regard to the effects of their work on the ecology and environment. They should seek to minimise any direct or indirect harm their work might cause and promote methods of working which are environmentally friendly.
2.9 Members should seek to encourage the conservation of energy and the recycling of used products, packaging and materials.
3 Promotion and Publicity
3.1 Members shall not issue public statements on behalf of their clients or their employers or BIFM without the expressed agreement, preferably in writing, of the said parties.
3.2 Members may not use the title or logo of BIFM without the expressed written authority of the Council of BIFM.