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10-01-2017 @ 10:28

The Importance of Sustainability in Facilities Management by Leon Pulman, British Gas
The great outdoors and winter protection for employees
Plan Your Winter Maintenance Early - GRITIT Present 5 Self-Preservation Reasons for Facilities Professionals
Can your business now afford to miss the opportunity of an effective workplace?
Judging the BIFM Awards 2017. A blog by Steve Gladwin
5 reasons to attend this year's BIFM Awards
60 Seconds With...Martin Pickard
60 seconds with...BIFM Fellow Liam Triggs
Managing FM teams across borders. By Bruce Barclay from Dell Technologies
Musings of an FM. By BIFM's Procurement Special Interest Group
Walk the talk! By Francesca Jordan from BIFM's Sustainability Special Interest Group
60 Seconds With...Geoff Prudence
Unlocking the potential of social value. By Sunil Shah from BIFM's Sustainability Special Interest Group
60 Seconds With...BIFM Board member Sue Hills
The place for productivity. By Greg Davies from BIFM's Sustainability Blog
21-04-2017 Something in the EIR for FM. By BIFM research and information manager Peter Brogan
06-04-2017 60 Seconds With...BIFM Board member Martin Bell
04-04-2017 Up in the air. By Greg Davies from BIFM's Sustainability Special Interest Group
22-03-2017 Waste, up close and personal. By Graham Scott from WCRS
14-03-2017 60 Seconds With...BIFM chairman Stephen Roots
03-03-2017 Just why is everybody banging on about BIM? By BIFM research and information manager Peter Brogan
02-03.2017 What a load of rubbish! Or is it? By Ann Beavis from BIFM's Sustainability SIG
01-02-2017 How to prepare for the legislative changes to the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES): By Paul Bennett from BIFM's Sustainability SIG
10-01-2017 60 seconds with...Simi Gandhi-Whitaker
The Future is bright. By Tunde Obileye, on the FM Business Confidence Monitor, Nigeria
07-11-2016 Five reasons why social sustainability is so important and how it can make an impact for FM. By Greg Davies, BIFM Sustainability SIG
11-10-2016 FM is key to the longevity of construction. By Nathan Garnett, Event Director, UK Construction Week
13-09-2016 Will we be smart enough to stop the lights going out?
12-09-2016 Recycle Week: Putting obscure items to use. By Graham Scott, Senior Account Manager at WCRS
30-08-2016 Project Management: Steps for Success
01-08-2016 "A river cuts through rock not because of its power but its persistence" By Fraser Talbot, BIFM


World FM Day. Take your 15 Minutes of FM Fame. By Jamie Harris, Features Editor, FM World


Important changes to the delivery of Apprenticeships in England. Fraser Talbot, BIFM Professional Standards & Education Manager


Reaching across borders. By Lee Grant, Head of Service and Community Development, BIFM


Managing Wase Sustainably: By Dean Newton, WCRS, sponsors of the BIFM Sustainabilty in FM Survey


Leadership on the field: Integrating sustainability into the core of all FM business models. By Sunil Shah


Sustainability in FM: Changing Pressures. By Sunil Shah, Chair of BIFM Sustainability SIG
24-03-2016 Empowering people for a productive world. By Will Bowen, Action Aid International an Chair of World FM Day Task Force
03-03-2016 Maximising our learning experiences. By Fraser Talbot, BIFM Professional Standards and Education Manager
01-03-2016 BIFM London conference: A capital experience. By Cathy Hayward, BIFM London Region
29-02-2016 "Is there a lack of awareness of professional standards?" By Fraser Talbott, BIFM
16-02-2016 The Productivity Debate and FM's role in it. By James Sutton, BIFM CEO
16-02-2016 "The future direction of the FM industry. What’s your opinion?" By Terry Myatt, Barclays
16-02-2016 The Productivity Debate and FM’s role in it. By James Sutton, BIFM CEO
18-01-2016 #FMResolutions2016: Learn, network, volunteer, celebrate! Tanya Horscroft
18-01-2016 FMResolutions2016:Meetings, meetings, meetings? Liz Kentish
08-01-2016 #FMResolutions2016: What can you offer to achieve your career goals for 2016? By Fraser Talbot, BIFM
04-01-2016 Is anything worth having without applying any effort? By Linda Hausmanis FRSA CMgr Director of Education, BIFM
10-12-2015 Are we wasting our time building flood defences? By Steve Dance, Managing Partner, RiskCentric
07-12-2015 Working towards our mission. By James Sutton, BIFM CEO
18-11-2015 The good practice guide to winter maintenance. By Nikki Singh-Barmi, GRITIT MD
28-10-2015 Come to Edinburgh and learn all about FM. By Michael Kenny, Chair of the BIFM Scotland
25-09-2015 The opportunities of volunteering. By Tanya Horscroft, Facilities Manager for Capita Property & Infrastructure
06-08-2015 Invest in yourself through CPD. By Julian Burton, BIFM membership assessor, FM Consultant and Freelance Lecturer
12-06-2015 Interview with David Cannon FIoD: BIFM’s 1000th BIFM member to achieve certified status with BIFM, gaining CBIFM credentials.
08-05-2015 Workplace WIKI_community generated content - The winning idea to the Workplace Conversation
02-04-2015 The growth of the sustainability agenda and the role of FM. By Chris Moriarty, BIFM
25-03-2015 Alignment: the name of the game. By Chris Moriarty Head of Insight and Corporate Affairs, BIFM
17-03-2015 In search of the competitive edge: ThinkFM conference 2015. By James Sutton, COO, BIFM
17-03-2015 BIFM Awards: Putting ’intangibles’ on the FM asset list. By Nick Shaw, Lead Judge for BIFM Brand Impact Award
13-03-2015 BIFM Awards: FM- making sustainability our business. By Mike Packam, Lead Judge for BIFM Impact on Sustainability Award
09-03-2015 BIFM Awards, Impact in FM. By Jane Sansome, Lead Judge for BIFM Impact on Customer Experience Award
01-03-2015 Celebrating the people who make FM tick at the BIFM Awards. By David Sharp, Lead Judge for BIFM Awards
19-01-2015 BIFM Awards 2015: The search is on. By Steve Gladwin, BIFM Awards Chair of Judges