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BIFM Awards, Impact in FM. By Jane Sansome, Lead Judge for BIFM Impact on Customer Experience Award

09-03-15, 15:40

If you look at dictionary definitions you will see that impact can be a high force or shock in mechanics, a collision of a meteoroid is an impact event, and an impact factor is a measure in science. But what does it mean for facilities management?

In my view Impact in FM is where you or your organisation can have an effect on space, infrastructure, people or even the wider organisation and society, that is the world of facilities management.

For the 2015 BIFM Awards we will be seeking the very best examples of impact, the categories are as follows;

  • Societal Impact; Can you demonstrate the impact your organisation is making on society? For example, do you recruit staff from the local community, are you committed and delivering social and corporate responsibility initiatives, how do your neighbours react when large vehicles bring deliveries to your site? We are aiming to bring to life the very real impact that the profession has on society.
  • Brand Impact; how do customers view your brand? Why is it so important to your business? How does it represent your organisation?s vision, values and ethics? Have you changed your brand recently and, if so, why and what difference has it made? We are seeking the very best examples of how a company has worked to develop and promote the brand of their organisation.
  • Impact on the Workplace; there are so many ways that FM can influence the workplace; the services delivered, the maintained environment, customer?s first impressions. What have you done, why and what difference has it made? Have you created a positive workplace that drives increases job satisfaction, employee productivity and organisational performance?
  • Impact on Customer Experience; customer experience is created from a multitude of customer touch points throughout the customer journey. What do you do, how do you know that you are making a positive impression your customers? Are you delighting your customers and delivering your business objectives at the same time? FM is a vital part of customer experience and can play a significant role by using innovative tools, practices and measures to impact on the customer experience.
  • Impact on Sustainability; with so much emphasis on looking after our planet what are you and your organisation doing that is really making a difference through seeking sustainable initiatives, projects, services and solutions? We are seeking demonstrable results of your sustainable solutions.

FM is omnipresent in many sectors, the impact we make, positive or negative, will be felt by the client, customers and our wider society. The availability of the trading floor in the banking sector is business critical, first impressions and the standard and quality of room service in the hotel is essential if customers are to return, schools where the major refurbishments are completed on time and budget during school holidays are non-negotiable, in healthcare the impact of FM can make a huge difference to the patient?s experience and recovery time.

So, why not take this opportunity to show piece your organisation at the 2015 BIFM Awards ceremony?

From Jane Sansome, Lead Judge in the Impact on Customer Experience category.

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