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Alignment: the name of the game. By Chris Moriarty Head of Insight and Corporate Affairs, BIFM

25-03-15, 12:11

Chris Moriarty, Head of Insight and Corporate Affairs at BIFM talks about stage 3 of the Worplace Conversation: Your Solutions

"Over the past five weeks around 250 people that care about the workplace have been having a conversation. They've been discussing how work has changed, where creativity happens, data, technology and more.

The Workplace Conversation is a project attempting to bring a multi-disciplined community together to build bridges between professional silos as we aim to create more effective workplaces in organisations.

We now reach a crucial phase of our work where we set a very specific challenge underneath our broad umbrella of creating better workplaces. When choosing what that should be we looked over the comments and ideas submitted and one thing that continued to appear was the word 'alignment'.

Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised as this project was conceived following the identification that their needed to be a better alignment between those responsible for people and place, however, the discussions were broader than that.

Too often workplace is a mid-table consideration that sometimes finds itself embroiled in a relegation battle. The main stays in the top four tend to be marketing, sales, people and of course the heavyweights of the league, finance. So how do we move our beloved team up the agenda?

For me it will boil down to demonstrating effectiveness. I don't think I will win any prizes for suggesting that but for whatever reason we haven't been able to crack it. Professional silos have a lot to answer for in this regard and that is not a problem that this particular conversation is going to solve but we need to somehow overcome it if we're going to make workplace crucial to an organisations thinking.

It is happening, somewhere, because we know that there are great workplaces out there, in fact we're hearing from a few at our conference this year, but how do we make these the rule rather than the exception? How do we make it the norm? How do we move best practice through to common practice?

We're just over halfway through The Workplace Conversation. Over the course of the next fortnight we are asking people for solutions. What do they think will work and then, by the power of the vote, we will select the idea we think works the best and look at ways that we can test it and make it a reality.

You may be sitting there now, reading this, thinking that you have the answer. If you are then please join us and share it with the crowd".

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