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Workplace WIKI_community generated content - The winning idea to the Workplace Conversation

08-05-15, 16:07

Nearly 300 people, passionate about workplace, offered their voice to the WorkplaceWorkplace Wiki Conversation online collaboration bewteen BIFM adn CIPD.  With over 100 ideas being submitted. 750 comments and 300 votes, after three months the winning submitted by  Dan Pilling, from Pick Everard was chosen.

Pilling suggested that the formation of a Workplace Wiki would open up workplace terminology, demystifying techniques for measuring and improving the workplace, knowledge sharing and promoting best practice in all its forms. His idea would enable strands of facilities management (FM), human resources (HR), IT, design and culture to co-exist, and enable active workplace professionals to quickly diagnose challenges and find solutions right for their organisation.

Read Dan Pilling's winning idea here....

Workplace WIKI_community generated content by Dan Pilling

"Many of the themes of the Workplace Conversation are running with collaboration, community and alignment as ways to empower the team that runs, implements and occupies the workplace;  one obvious solution would be to provide a centralised portal which would enable all stakeholders in the workplace sector to access and participate in. I feel what is lacking is an objective view, free from sales angles,  workplace solutions tied to specific products  and sensationalist google-esque case studies. The answer could be the Workplace WIKIpedia -  a common ground hosted by BIFM and CIPD, but content generated by its members.

A wiki (wiki - wiikee) is an application, typically a web application, which allows collaborative modification, extension, or deletion of its content and structure. In a typical wiki, text is written using a simplified markup language (known as "wiki markup") or a rich text edit. While a wiki is a type of content management system, it differs from a blog or most other such systems in that the content is created without any defined owner or leader, and wikis have little implicit structure, allowing structure to emerge according to the needs of the users.

With the aim of opening up workplace terminology, demystifying techniques for measuring and improving the workplace, knowledge sharing and promoting best practice in all its forms. The WIKI format would enable strands of FM/HR/IT/Design/Culture to co-exist, and be cross-referenced to enable active workplace professionals with a problem to quickly diagnose using the tools available, and to recognise that the solution that is right for their organisation may look completely different to the accepted aspiration of Google (or any other high-profile company for that matter). This toolkit approach to empower FMs to become more than fixers (term referenced by Andrew Mawson in his recent post) and elevate the prominence of the workplace within the organisational hierarchy and enable the conversations with external consultant to accelerate the outcomes.
In summary the proposal would seek to:-

  • Develop mutual appreciation of the workplace strands, through inviting people behind the scenes
  • Leverage the knowledge of the community
  • Provide a diagnostic tool to offer 'real' solutionsCross-fertilise  the FM, HR. IT and Design communities
  • User-generated content, monitored by Hosted by BIFM/CIPD
  • Collate best practice, grounded case studies and new thinking
  • Provide a context for the history and genesis of the workplace ? from BuroLandschaft to Agile working and beyond!
  • Forum for active practitioners and high profile influencers input equally into the content? linked with social media to promote latest content, and encourage debate and input."

Read more about the Workplace Conversation and watch the video here.

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