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#FMResolutions2016: What can you offer to achieve your career goals for 2016? By Fraser Talbot, BIFM

08-01-16, 16:39

Fraser Talbot, Professional Standards and Education Manager at BIFM (pictured) discusses, 'with career related resolutions always being so common, what can you do to stand out from the crowd and achieve your FM career goals this year'?

"New Year's resolutions are our annual opportunity to create a new path for ourselves and to address our own perceived shortcomings. Whether this is getting fit, getting a new job or finding love, the New Year brings its own blank page.† Too often these efforts fall at the first hurdle.† Apparently 12 per cent of all gym members sign up to gyms in January, yet these memberships seem to be short-lived and, according to the Fitness Industry Association, after just 24 weeks most people have quit or stopped attending.


Many people go into the New Year with career related resolutions; Andy Teach author of From Graduation to Corporation says it's fairly common for most people to have career-related New Year's resolutions because work is such an important part of our daily lives.† Therefore, it's in our best interest to try to become better at what we do for a living.

According to the most common career related resolutions include;
Getting a raise or promotion - easier said than done and too often seen from the point of view of the individual not the company. You have to be honest and ask yourself what you offer or what you bring that the company needs.

Quitting your job / get a new job - as above this is easier said than done and given the current employment market you will be entering a very competitive environment.† An alternative approach might be to develop a plan how you can stay within your current employer but gain more career fulfilment.† You can always develop a longer term exit strategy whether that is a new role within your current employer or a new role externally.

Other resolutions are often around how to feel more fulfilled within your current role for example becoming more organised, enhancing your communication skills, networking better etc.

The change in knowledge, skills and behaviours required to achieve these resolutions are difficult without some personal development intervention. The achievement of a professional qualification, such as the BIFM qualifications, might be the way to start you on your path to achieving your career goals and greater fulfilment.

The achievement of a professional qualification will provide you with;

  • A nationally and internationally recognised qualification that can help you stand out in a competitive employment market
  • Knowledge and skills to help you perform better within your current role to provide you with increased job satisfaction and deliver performance benefits for your employer
  • Entry routes into BIFM professional membership and the benefits this to provides to enhance your career development. These include; network opportunities, industry knowledge and information, continuing professional development.

The BIFM qualifications are available at different levels, aligned to different career stages, so you can select the most appropriate for you based on your circumstance and development requirements."

Fraser Talbot, Professional Standards and Education Manager at BIFM

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