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Managing waste sustainably by Dean Newton, WCRS, sponsors of the BIFM Sustainabilty in FM Survey

13-05-16, 09:27

As FM professionals look towards more sustainable waste management solutions, Dean Newton Head of Group Sales for Waste Cost Reduction Services considers the impact recent waste legislation has had on the decision making process when implementing a waste management programme.

"From the 1st January 2015 it became a legal requirement that EU member states make arrangements for the collection of waste paper, metal, plastic and glass separately, where technically environmentally and economically practicable to do so (TEEP).

The regulation was introduced to improve the quality and quantity of material output but did not necessarily render comingled collections non-compliant.†† If high quality recycling can be achieved using a comingled collection method, then collectors are operating within their obligations.

So what does this mean for waste producers and for Facilities Managers? striving to implement more sustainable waste management solutions?

First and foremost any waste management system must be operated in full compliance with your duty of care and legal obligations therefore it is important that you consider the following key areas:

The waste hierarchy
Have you applied the waste hierarchy in priority order?† It is important that you address this as it is a legal requirement for the waste producer to apply the waste hierarchy.† The waste hierarchy puts the prevention of waste as a top priority and the landfill of waste as an absolute last resort.

Quality of recyclables
Once you have considered reuse and reduction of waste, you should work with your waste solution provider to maximise recycling as far as possible.† Whether you have co-mingled collections or separate collections you will need to ensure that the quality of these recyclables are of a high standard and not contaminated with non-recyclables.

By following the above process whilst maintaining a robust waste audit trail, you can be confident that your waste management practices will stand up to scrutiny.
Waste Cost Reduction Services is sponsoring the BIFM Sustainability in FM Survey.† If you work in FM please help the FM industry to lead the way in sustainable approaches by taking part in the survey."

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WCRS is a national waste broker providing recycling and waste management solutions to businesses across the UK.† With proven experience and a strong track record, we help our customers find, implement and maintain solutions that are compliant, sustainable and cost-effective.

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