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The Future is bright. By Tunde Obileye, on the FM Business Confidence Monitor, Nigeria

07-12-16, 10:12

Tunde Obileye, Managing Director/CEO Great Heights Property & Facilities Management LTD discusses the growth prospects derived from BIFM Nigeria Region's inaugural Facilities Management Business Confidence Monitor.

With the recent publication of the first ever BIFM Facilities Management† Business Confidence Monitor Survey in Nigeria, the stage is now set for the industry to grow despite the prevailing economic downturn and security challenges in the country.

The overall result of this survey is that business potential exists in many sectors of the economy and as a result, operators in the FM industry have the opportunity to take advantage of the anticipated growth.

The FM industry is definitely gaining momentum with more people in all sectors of the economy becoming informed about the important role of facilities management in achieving business objectives. Capturing the views of service providers and private and public sector clients in the major cities of the country such as Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt and Kano clearly shows a fair representation of the industry in Nigeria. For instance, there is a strong growth in the development of commercial office space in Lagos and Abuja, it is therefore expected that FM providers will explore the full potential of the situation by being involved in capacity building and scaling up operations in these areas.

One noticeable trend is the slow but steady migration to the use of technology. It is believed that technology will help improve operational efficiency if the right software is deployed to integrate other aspects of FM business functions like HR, contract management, Health & Safety, Budget and Financial control.†

The major challenge identified is the prevailing economic situation which has slowed down the growth of many sectors therefore putting pressure on FM providers. Other challenges are the availability of skilled workers and getting adequate training.

With these encouraging findings, the BIFM Nigeria Region is positioned to contribute in no small measure to the development of best practice based on global standards and encourage the need for knowledge-sharing amongst practitioners and other service providers in the FM industry.

Read the FM Business Confidence Monitor Nigeria report here >>

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