Claire Crayman

Employer: Babcock International
BIFM Regognised Centre: FM Tutor
Level attained: BIFM Level 4 Award

Where and when did you start your working life?

2009 (maternity cover) Assistant Administrator supporting the Core Team within Babcock Infrastructure providing TFM to the MoD in Bristol, Bath and Taunton.

What brought you into FM?
I finished school and 6th form and all I wanted was a full time office job, I didnt care what I was doing.  I wanted to dress smart and work within a team to support the core business.  I fell into FM by accepting a maternity cover role working as the FM Assistant Administrator supporting the Core Management Team for Babcock Infrastructure for their large South West MoD TFM contract.  The contract managed all Soft and Hard FM delivery for the MoD sites in Bristol, Bath and Taunton through a mixed bundle of self-delivery and outsourced contracts.  I really enjoyed the role and thrived on being busy, supporting the management team and assisting customers with their queries.  I continued to take on additional duties outside of my role to gain more experience within the FM industry.  After the first few months I knew I loved working within the FM industry and I knew this is what I wanted to do. 

What is your current role and what does it involve? 
I am currently the FM Mobilisation and Support Manager heading up the mobilisation of internal TFM contracts within the Babcock International, Internal Property Delivery Team.

I am involved with surveying sites and meeting my internal customers to establish their requirements in order to create the best TFM service delivery model to suit their needs and core business.  Once I have created the proposal and financial budget.  I am responsible for implementing the proposal by setting up contracts, recruiting and training new staff, ensuring compliance with documentation including processes and procedures, managing the handover of all building information; O&Ms etc.
After the building has been mobilised I provide support until the building is in a steady state.

What did you get out of studying for your qualification?
Through my ILM level 3, BIFM level 4 and BIFM level 5 qualifications I gained a lot of skills and knowledge within the FM industry.  I improved my reporting writing skills which supports my proposal writing in my current role.  I have developed the knowledge and skills I have already learnt in finance, project management, risk management etc.  I found every workshop interesting and informative.  The collaborative workshops enabled all of the learners to talk freely about their experiences which gave a different view on each of the assignments and how FM can affect different people and customers in different ways. 
The level 5 course has been a real help with supporting me step up to the next level of my career and into my current Senior Management position by understanding my companies FM strategy and aligning that with the proposals I am writing for the internal Babcock buildings.  I have also learnt how to analyse and recognise trends in order to improve the FM delivery and customers experience.

What kind of training do you expect to undergo in the future, and why? 

I am always keen to learn to improve my knowledge and skill set.  The FM Industry is always changing and I am always looking for training courses to broaden my experience and help to further my career and improve the FM within my responsibility.  Project Management plays a key part within FM and especially my role as Mobilisation Manager, so my next training step will be to investigate and enrol onto a course which will concentrate on this area to improve me in my role.

What has the achievement of a BIFM qualification done for your career?
Achieving and enrolling on my BIFM qualifications has opened up a number of opportunities and supported me to progress from an Assistant Administrator, to a Building Manager and now a Senior Manager all within 6 years of my full time employment.  Each course has been hard work and I have had to be strict on myself to dedicate personal time to complete my qualifications but it has definitely been worth it.  I would thoroughly recommend any inexperience FM to achieve a BIFM qualification to understand more about the FM industry and broaden their knowledge.

What are your career ambitions? 
I am really enjoying my current role and feel I can still give a lot more before moving onto the next level.  That said, I definitely want to progress to the next level and beyond if I can.  I am extremely hard working and passionate which any FM must be in order to successfully succeed.  My aim is to act as a role model to the next level of FM Managers to help them achieve their goals and deliver FM more seamlessly, if possible, to our customers.  To fully take the strain of managing buildings away from the customer so they can fully commit to their core business.

How have you put your learning into practice?
Every day!  I discover daily encounters which I have researched or written about in each of my qualifications or had a discussion with another leaner.  I have specifically stored my BIFM resource workbooks and assignments close to my desk so I can easily remind myself.  Although new FM trends and styles are always emerging, the basics always remain the same.  A lot of the assignments are based around an FMs daily activities and you need to develop the work you do by analysing the information in more depth, asking questions about why or how a certain piece of work is carried out etc. and then including this in the assignment.  This soon becomes second nature and I find I am practising the techniques I have learnt every day!

What other future challenges will your studies help you with? 

This is difficult to answer.  The next level in my career will be moving to a more strategic role.  My latest BIFM qualification looked a lot into strategic plans, how to create them, how to analysis them and how they benefit a business.  After completing this level I feel confident I can talk about this and work in a more strategic thinking.  Through my experience I have gained throughout each of my qualifications I feel I can mentor the new FMs joining the business to support them to deliver world class FM services.


  • Assistant Core Team Administrator, Babcock
  • Leisure and Events Administrator, Babcock
  • Soft FM Administration Lead, Babcock Whilst studying for my ILM Level 3 qualification
  • Buildings Manager, Babcock Whilst studying for my BIFM Level 4 Diploma
  • FM Mobilisation and Support Manager, Babcock Whilst studying for my BIFM Level 5, due to be complete by December 2015          

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