Jasmine Rosten-Edwards

Employer: Cineworld Cinemas

Executive Summary: Cineworld has 90 sites spread geographically throughout the UK ranging in sizes and complexity.

Background: I originally started out as a Human Resource Manager, moved into IT Management and latterly Document Management.

How long have you worked in FM?

I have about 12 yearís experience in the FM industry; I initially worked in a Property role and then due to internal reorganisation within the company that I worked for I was offered a job within FM. It was a very different to what I had previously done before but I think my diverse work experience allowed me to assimilate the role quickly.

Whatís your passion in your job role?

Fundamentally I have always been passionate about helping people as evidenced by the service job roles that I have previously occupied including the role that I now have. Intrinsically it can be a demanding job that requires multitasking and integral to the FMís job role is to help solve issues to ensure efficient service delivery.

What brought you into FM?
I got into an FM role via a maternity cover role whilst I was on a career break.

What key skills do you feel an FM should have?

I believe that it is imperative that an FM has excellent oral and written communication skills in order to provide good customer service and also to keep people apprised of issues that you are dealing with on their behalf.

What is your current role and what does it involve?

I am an FM Coordinator but I deputise for the FM when needs be or if they are unavailable. We have a small FM function and are responsible for the PPM and upkeep of 90 sites that are geographically dispersed around the UK. Some of the FM reactive services are outsourced to an external provider who we also manage. 

Why did you choose to undertake a BIFM Qualification?

Firstly, it is an internationally recognised qualification and secondly, I believe it is as important to be formally qualified as well as to be in possession of the relevant work experience; they work in harmony with one another for a holistic approach.

Which BIFM Qualification have you achieved?
The BIFM Level 4 Diploma in Facilities Management.

What were your main goals in taking the BIFM qualification?
I had two main goals in mind which were driven by professional progression and personal development I also had not studied in a number of years and I wanted formal acknowledgement that evidences competency in the workplace.

What did you get out of studying for your qualification?
I loved the challenges involved especially when it involved solving complex issues by researching and analysing case studies within the set modules to positive effect for example. The processes involved were hard work yet rewarding and the satisfaction reaped upon completion was immense.

What did you like most about studying the qualification?

The qualification is validation of competency that also contributes to proficiency in the workplace; it was intellectually stimulating which I found fulfilling as I have a thirst for knowledge.


My main frustration centred on finding the time to complete the qualification around a full time demanding job. One needed to be well organised as the 2 years pass by very quickly. In hindsight I worked harder on the BIFM Qualification than I did my Degree due to the commitments that I had to juggle however if you are driven and determined it can be done, which I proved.

How have you put your learning into practice?

All the time; the learning process makes one re-evaluate everything, it is not something that is compartmentalised as the knowledge amassed is applied operationally. FM is all about best practice and exercising due diligence which is also the premise behind all of the BIFM qualifications and it gives a greater understanding of the breadth and depth of the FMís role.

What are your career ambitions?
I will use the BIFM Qualification as a stepping stone to success and in time I would like to specialise in either FM training or recruitment both of which involve a lot of communication which I really enjoy.

What advice would you give to someone about to undertake a BIFM qualification?

I would encourage anyone to undertake the qualification as it is a great way to contextualise the FM role and to acquire industry knowledge including up-to-date topics plus pertinent legislative information. If you are doing it like I did via the online learning method, be prepared for hard work; you will need to be very organised and motivated but ďit is worth it and the satisfaction you achieve at the end is second-to-none.Ē

Online learning experience Ė
The online method puts one in control of oneís own learning pace and quite simply feedback and scoring is based upon the time and effort you put in. However I think it is important to acknowledge that everyone learns in different ways and this method is perfect for people who prefer to work independently and manage their workload accordingly. Although if you prefer more interaction with other students than I would suggest undertaking the qualification through a designated centre.

What has the achievement of a BIFM qualification done for your career?
Itís very early days as I only recently qualified however Iím sure the qualification will enhance my career prospects and have a positive effect going forwards.

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