Philippa Stoker

Senior Facilities Officer,
Wiltshire Council

Studied: BIFM Level 4 Diploma in Facilities Management

BIFM recognised centre: Blue Eye Training

What was the reason for taking the qualification?

I originally undertook my BIFM Part 1 which was completed and subsequently certificated in February 2010.  I decided to "top-up" from the BIFM Part 1 to the new qualification for my own personal satisfaction and hope that by attaining the new Level 4 Diploma and in conjunction with my experience, this will provide me with a base from which professional development can continue.

Did you consider other FM qualifications? And if so why did you choose the BIFM Qualification in Facilities Management?

Originally, after researching the options, I made the decision that I wanted to gain the BIFM (Part 1 initially).  I made this decision around the time the syllabus was changing and, therefore, topping up this qualification to meet the requirements of the new Level 4 Diploma was important to me as it would ensure I had attained the most recent qualification.

How did you find the experience of studying for the qualification?

The tutors at Blue Eye Training ensured the training was delivered professionally and at the right pace whilst making the experience thoroughly enjoyable (even though the course was hard work and demanding at times) providing the necessary support as appropriate.

How has achieving the qualification helped in your current role?

The course has covered a wide range of topics incorporating the information I require to enable a total understanding of my role, at the same time helping to solidify my knowledge and understanding, whilst providing valuable insight into the industry, something that I think at times can be taken for granted.

Have you put into practice new knowledge and/or skills?  If so, how and what were the results?

Yes- when now required to perform a task, I do take more time to actually work my way through this (I am now much more methodical) utilising the skills and knowledge acquired through my training and course material.  I am far more customer focused and I find myself questioning my actions regularly in order to achieve the desired result.

How has it helped the success of your organisation/ department?

I believe the staff who report directly into myself have benefited from my enhanced knowledge, something that I am able to pass to them with confidence.

Would you recommend the BIFM qualifications to others, and if so why?

Yes definitely.  So many people fall into/ find themselves in the Facilities Management role even though this may have happened unintentionally/ by chance.  By attending a course such as this, one that is dedicated to the profession, the knowledge that is gained provides a solid base from which an individual is able to develop, encouraging them to take pride in what they do, whilst being aware that what they do, is being done effectively.

Whatís the next step?  Are you going on to the next qualification or level?

I would like to further my qualifications going forward, however, at the present time, I do not feel that my current position within the organisation that I work, provides the right opportunity/ circumstance for me to expand my knowledge to the level required for achieving the Level 5/6 Diploma.

Any other comments?

I would like to take this opportunity to thank both my tutors and the BIFM for providing me with the opportunity for further development in my chosen career.  I have met some very interesting and truly inspiring individuals over the last couple of years and intend to ensure that the effort they have put into my development is not wasted.  Thank you.

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