Barry Scott

Facilities Manager,
Netherhall Specialist Sports College        

Studied: BIFM Level 5 Certificate in Facilities Management 

BIFM recognised centre: Xenon Group 

Which optional units did you complete? 

  • 5.11 Project Management
  • 5.21 Contracts and Procurement    

What was your reason for taking the qualification? 

Although I have been in the job for a number of years I did not posses any formal FM qualifications (only awards relating to elements of the role i.e Health and Safety etc), additionally I was due to be promoted and to manage a larger amount of staff. Therefore I decided that the time was right to gain a qualification.                             

Did you consider other FM qualifications? And if so why did you choose the BIFM Qualification in Facilities Management?

I looked at the options available from other providers, however I felt that the most relevant training was offered by BIFM accredited trainers. I also feel that the BIFM qualifications, as the industry leader, carry far more kudos than the alternatives.                             

How did you find the experience of studying for the qualification?

Not having done any kind of study for many years, meant that the whole experience was new and took up far more time than I had anticipated i.e learning how to write an assignment, Harvard referencing etc. The assessment really does cover many aspects of the particular subject so having to satisfy every assessment criteria really does mean doing a lot of research with many late nights.                             

How has achieving the qualification helped in your current role?

My confidence has increased as a result of the training and the award of the qualification, I am able to tackle issues in a more methodical and focused manner, all the modules that I undertook have been useful in gaining a deeper understanding of the reasons for carrying out a task in a particular way, I am also able to prioritise more effectively, analysing, delegating,and ensuring  tasks are carried out swiftly and efficiently.                              

How will achieving the qualification help in your career?

I was due to be promoted as my line manager was leaving, myself and other colleagues are now part of the newly created "Business Team"  our key aims are:

  • "to ensure  the College operates financially within its means"
    (FM 5.21 Contracts and Procurement  extremely useful in this respect)
  • "Ensuring all personnel matters are accurately and efficiently discharged"  
    (FM 5.03 Managing people in FM)
  • "to market and develop  the school in order to identify future funding sources and parnership opportunities"
    ( Many elements of FM 5.02 are relevant to this objective)

Other team objectives utilise subjects that were covered or discussed during the training, if I am still unsure how to approach or tackle an issue I can utilise or access information from many sources which I was previously unaware of prior to carrying out work for the assessments.                             

Have you put into practice new knowledge and/or skills? If so, how and what were the results?

The modules on Managing people and Project Management have been particularly useful. Line managing cleaning staff and dealing with their union representatives has been made easier by the work done in that module, project management has also been made easier by applying the principles learnt during that particular module. 

How has it helped the success of your organisation/department?

Restructuring and staff job cuts within the whole of the College site, will require the support and input of the FM department as we will be utilising staff in areas not previously involving the FM team. My task has been to raise the profile of the team by ensuring all FM and support staff are fully trained and able to take on the roles and tasks that are required of them. My own department staff has increased slightly as a result of my being able to promote the value of the department to the organisation as a whole.       

“Facilities Management in a school setting is a complex and hugely important activity.  Our school is the focal point for many hundreds of people – school pupils, staff and community users of the school.  To know that our Facilities Manager is equipped with high quality, up-to-date and in-depth qualifications is an immense reassurance, and of great importance to the organisation.


“The school is as good as the quality and dedication of the staff, with teaching and support staff working together in pursuit of the common aim of raising the achievement of our learners.  The physical environment of the school has a huge impact on the learning process; well maintained, attractive and safe facilities emphasise to everyone the value we place on education, and on the school being a key part of the community it serves.”

David Sibbit, Headteacher, Netherhall School Specialist Sports College                                       

Would you recommend the BIFM qualifications to others, and if so why?

Absolutely. It has made me aware of the complexity of the FM role and how to best apply the principles to my own organisation, it has opened my eyes to so many opportunities to develop and enhance our service provision to the College.                              

What’s the next step? 

I intend to progress the Diploma stage at level 5 in the near future.

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