Events on 18 January 2018


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Anytime Introduction to Facilities Management
Online course - Introduction to Facilities Management
Anytime Building Personal Resilience for Professional Success
Online course - Building Personal Resilience for Professional Success
Anytime Communication for Professional Success
Online course - Communication for Professional Success
Anytime Grammar and Effective Writing
Online course - Grammar and Effective Writing
Anytime Innovation
Online course - Innovation
Anytime Presenting Numerical Data
Online course - Presenting Numerical Data
Anytime Managing Workload
Online course - Managing Workload
Anytime Introduction to Financial Modelling
Online course - Introduction to Financial Modelling
Anytime Presentation Skills
Online course - Presentation Skills
18 January - 18 January 2018 Rising FMs - Millenials in the Industry
18 - 18 January 2018 Millennials, IOT, Sustainability & activity based working.bringing them all together.
18 January 2018 Black Belt Negotiation Masterclass - 18 Jan, London - 1 day course

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