Excellence in a Major Project

Sponsored by B&CE

Winner: PWC Head Office at 7 More, London

PWC’s old site was overtaken by the Shard which prompted an opportunity to re-invigorate and reorganise the company in new premises.  At first sight, the unusually shaped building at More might have appeared to offer potential planning constraints but it was ‘caught’ as it emerged from the ground to ensure that the effectiveness of dense interior planning could be maximised.  White noise has been introduced to create conditions for concentrated work by a young staff.  Interiors by BDP have produced variety, colour and an effective use of materials. PWC has introduced the concept of a ‘service partnership’ with Honeywell responsible for the building and accommodation, Aramark for catering and hospitality, and Mitie for document management services.  This system spreads decision making and promotes innovation.  At almost every level this entry is exemplary; it represents a state-of-the-art installation with every aspect of ‘office design’ mastered in terms of current knowledge and practice.

Highly commended: Adobe, Maidenhead 

Adobe’s new UK headquarters in Maidenhead forms the focus of the Company’s EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) operations.  As such, an installation was required which reflected the highly recognisable and established ‘brand’ of Adobe.  In this endeavour, the UK did not follow the States but led the way in creating Adobe’s ‘coolest’ installation which, now, has set the pattern for a new world-wide standard.  From the beginning, the facilities team enabled staff to enter fully into the planning and design process.  The cost was at the higher end of the scale (Adobe is a cash-rich Company) but value for money has been achieved in an installation which provides generous space standards with an emphasis on collaboration.  The facilities provided for customer interchange introduce innovative planning and design ideas (by Chu Associates) and give considerable scope for the audio-visual display of Adobe’s products.


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