Innovation in the Use of Technology and Systems

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Winner: Birmingham Children’s Hospital

This entry was in the judge’s view by far the best of all the entries scoring unanimously highest across all areas.  The entry involves the use of portable tablets that operate off the 3g mobile phone system to be transported to wards to allow the children to order food directly by using the interactive tablet technology.  The tablets connect directly through to the hospital kitchen and provides integrated stock ordering and menu ordering whilst also providing bespoke dietary choices to patients based upon dietician input into the integrated system.  The interactive and integrated nature of the system impressed the judges and the scalability of the system to other hospital uses,  such as drug dispensing,  patients notes etc. was thought to offer a huge opportunity for advancement.  The system was the first of its type in the UK being used for menu ordering and the use of tablet technology coupled with software development to release nursing time, improve data collection and reporting was impressive.  The tablet was demonstrated and found to be intuitive and fun to use – specifically designed for children.  The team who presented were knowledgeable and were able to answer credibly very probing questions on infection control etc.

Highly commended: ISS Facility Services

The entry involved the use of a sophisticated document scanning and recognition system employed by ISS to scan passports of their workers.  The system and hardware was able to scan the passport and check ID databases for immigration status.  What impressed the judges was not the technology but the application of the technology to checking the immigration and identity status of ISS workers.  ISS had clearly thought through the business need and adapted existing technology to provide a rapid and full proof solution to identity checking on their client sites.  The system was demonstrated to the judges and the powerful scanning system could identify forged passports with ease, that to the naked eye appeared perfectly real.
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