Excellence in Customer Service

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About this Award

The Excellence in Customer Service Award recognises excellence from any FM organisation and or/their teams.


> Chiswick Park: Enjoy Work

What the judges say Ö.

A programme that has truly embedded within the culture, staff and customers of the park; this is certainly a best in class example of customer excellence. 99.5% occupancy levels are the proof in the pudding! Great continuous improvement scores in all categories of service measurement. A really fresh and focused example of how to plan, implement and maintain (over 10 years) a customer excellence programme.

A clear indication of the programmes and services, as well as the team focus relationship to the customer, was illustrated in submission and presentation to the judges. An excellent initiative which changes peoples enjoyment at work. Clear 'Customer Service Excellence' is demonstrated. New initiatives each day are one of many examples that display excellence which is over and above the norm. A great example of one team working and demonstrating Excellence in Customer Service; designed and incorporated customer service into the Enjoy Work concept from the start of its occupation - reinforcing the link between a great working environment and business success.

Customer Excellence is at the heart of everything the team at Enjoy Work do. It was specifically designed as a customer excellence program as the development was being planning. It was developed as an integral part of the brand. This clearly defined and simple approach could easily be scalable and is a case for best practice. This innovative model has all the elements of be a world class example.