FM Excellence in a Major Project

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About this Award

A ‘major’ project is one that makes a significant contribution to almost every aspect of an organisation’s operating style and affects the majority of its employees.


> VINCI Facilities: St Helens and Whiston Hospitals

What the judges say ….

This project details the success of VINCI Facilities in its facilities management of two new-build hospitals, catering for 350,000 people across Merseyside:

  • Whiston Hospital: a £250m, 80,000m2, 900-bed acute general hospital.
  • St Helens Hospital: a 20,000m2 day treatment centre (for assessments only).

Vinci embedded FM into the build design from day one, with two key factors in the overall success being collaboration and a constant focus on improving the patient environment. Vinci strove for and delivered industry-leading standards. To quote the Trust’s Project Director: “The FM services at both hospitals are outstanding”.

Having originally been built as 19th Century workhouses, the old hospitals provided limited flexibility and could not meet modern healthcare demands. To remedy the situation, the St Helens & Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, decided to build two new hospitals on the existing sites before demolishing the earlier buildings.

The project achieved all agreed objectives, with particular success stories including:

  • A PEAT audit score of 5/5 for four consecutive years (versus a target of at least 4/5 every year). 
  • 95% customer satisfaction with New Hospitals Consortium, plus 90+% for both hospital and helpdesk staff (versus a target of 85% for all).
  • Consistent achievement of project margins across the six years to date.
  • Charity fundraising activities (£1,079 in 2012 versus a target of £800.) 
  • Community volunteering goal (18 days volunteered in 2012, versus a target of 15).

The effectiveness of facility management is borne out in the satisfaction survey results with New Hospitals Consortium, which generated 95% satisfaction in 2012. Furthermore, surveys with 100 random hospital staff and 100 random helpdesk staff have reaped satisfaction scores of over 90% a piece for four consecutive years.

The judges were particularly impressed with the close alignment of FM services to deliver an enhanced patient experience and the complete focus by the FM team to achieve patient satisfaction, whilst maintaining hygiene and asset resilience.


> BAE Systems: The Bowland Centre

What the judges say ….

Creation of a state of the art restaurant facility with a seating capacity for 300 together with state of the art health centre.  The project demonstrates a strong integrated FM solution with a close relationship to the design and construction process, with particular emphasis on design and customer experience. A strong business case supported this project which has delivered a leading edge facility meeting all key project objectives, with innovative facilities management aspects.

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