Profound Impact on the Industry Over the Last Five Years

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About this Award

This new Award for 2013 has been created for entry by an individual, an organisation or a project, to recognise profound impact on the FM industry over the last five years. 


> Anne Lennox-Martin

What the judges say Ö.

A well presented and logical submission with good supporting information and excellent references.  An interesting initiative taking NLP and creating training for better customer service, which our industry always requires.  The presentation demonstrated that there was a far more solid basis for the impact of this work and evidence of the training providing in practice, supported by delegate feedback - over 1,300 people have been trained.  If the initiative has improved the customer facing skills and delivery of excellent customer service to only half of these people then we would have to consider this as a profound impact. The presentation enhanced the written submission and demonstrated a greater degree of longevity to the impact.