Excellence in Product Development

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About this Award

This Award recognises the product that through its development and utilisation has had the most positive impact in the work and social environment in which we live.


> GSH Group: EMAP

What the judges say ….

EMAP (Energy Monitoring Application) is a unique integration platform that has been developed in-house by GSH Group to link energy and mechanical and electrical management systems.

This is a pioneering product, the only one of its kind in the market place taking advantage of the operational synergies of a combined energy and maintenance model giving a range of deliverables:

> Cost saving analysis
> Dynamic energy management
> Carbon reduction
> Diagnosis of specific areas of energy waste.

The system is basically designed around:
> Intelligent monitoring and targeting - live streaming of energy data and historical trending patterns to create alerts and job allocation to resolve any unpredicted usage
> Streamlined, energy-led engineering - maximising performance of the assets aligned with reduced energy consumption, reducing any energy wastage.

Many organisations state that they deliver energy lead maintenance solutions, GS Hall have developed a system that actually delivers on the promise! I think it has a great future and genuinely think that this is a market leading solution.


> Excel : DeskQUERY™

What the judges say ….

DeskQUERY™ is an innovative software solution which represents a completely new approach to real estate optimisation and space management. It has been designed to support the sophisticated special planning and optimisation strategies of corporate FM and real estate managers.

Using network technology to accurately monitor and highlight real-time usage of space across a floor, a building or a group of buildings in a clear and concise manner, DeskQUERY™ provides an unequalled clarity of management information which can optimise real estate strategies for existing locations, improve the accuracy of future expansion strategies or even create efficiencies through improved approaches to hot desk booking.

As it operates on customers’ existing corporate IT infrastructures, it offers significant advantages over existing hardware-based products such as desk sensors or card swipes.

This is a fantastic application allowing companies to achieve accurate real-time information on usage and occupancy efficiency in their real estate in a single, standalone, easy to use and affordable package.