BIFM Board Social and Economic Impact Award

About this Award

This Award was established to reflect BIFMís key priorities and themes for the future - sector demonstration of significant economic and social impact. The BIFM Board, upon the recommendation of the judges has decided to recognise the impact of the COMET Advisory, Tri-Borough project. 


> COMET Advisory, Tri-Borough Transforming TFM

This innovative FM project is on course to deliver savings to the public purse of circa £100 million in three London boroughs, with the ability for the project to expand to more London authorities.  This is a sector demonstration of significant economic and social impact that shows that the FM sector can act as a transformative change agent.

The COMET Advisory Tri-Borough FM Team project offers a significant and scalable procurement exercise that involved bringing together three large London local authorities to jointly procure a single FM solution.   

The project covered design and procurement of a transformative total facilities management solution for three large London Borough Councils,  demonstrating excellence in FM innovation and project management through extremely complex navigation of a multi-stakeholder environment, obtaining consensus and delivery of a solution which meets all business case objectives.