FM Service Provider of the Year

About this Award

The FM Service Provider of the Year Award recognises outstanding service delivery and excellence from any service provider, large or small.


> Gritit: Winter Risk Management


What the judges say ….

Gritit provide a service focussed on reliability and flexibility to manage winter risks. A flagship development has been the NIMBUS software which is used to predict weather patterns and their impact on the service – particularly around route optimisation and targeting of clients to deliver a timelier and better service.

This approach has led to client satisfaction level in excess of 99%, with a large number of client commendations provided to support the effort identified through a third party run customer satisfaction process. Satisfaction with staff has also meant that over 70% of staff return for a seasonally provided service, which is exceptional in this field.

A number of technical advances were demonstrated from the robust IT systems that optimise the service; the gritting and snow clearance technologies used on vehicles, which are being sought after internationally; and the customer satisfaction approach to target poor performance only, bringing an expectation of excellence.

Overall, Gritit has demonstrated a professionalisation of the winter risk management sector, and are well known as the market leaders in their field, together with developing technology advances that can benefit the wider FM sector. The Judges felt that, despite the seasonal nature of their business, a nonetheless sustainable model was very much in evidence and a credible growth strategy had been thought through.



> Palmaris: dataBOOST

What the judges say ….

A self-delivery model is used with a focus on developing and multi-skilling staff has led to a team that impacts positively on the service being delivered. Clients appreciate this attention to detail, with Palmaris having a very low turnover of contracts and high client satisfaction - with a significant proportion of growth through recommendations and clients requesting additional services are added to the contract.

A key facet is the development and use of dataBOOST, an internally derived system that helps to identify service gaps and failures, and manage the corrective actions using hand held PDA’s. The resulting data is used to help drive audits and reports that inform performance. The data has also been used to provide evidence and information to support decision making, and critically to reduce reportable incidents and claims - a significant time and cost saving to their client.