Innovation in the Use of Technology and Systems

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About this Award

This Award recognises the best technology innovation in FM.


> iSite: The HUB

What the judges say ….

"The HUB is a fully integrated Workspace Management System that utilises business performance metrics to overlay and aggregate internal and external operational performance in order to deliver simple to understand indicators to the expert client operators. It also provides a data repository of property, project, asset, facility, risk and compliance information in a single place that is fully owned and interrogated by the Nationwide, it is updated by the supply chain through known and trusted direct data sources and yet still allows for changes in suppliers with no loss of information". (Award entry)

This entry stirred a lot of debate amongst the judges. The use of the technology was innovative and the management information potentially generated through the system is a very powerful tool for FMs. The fact that it is independent and is being developed in conjunction with FMs looking after a large complex estate without making legacy systems redundant demonstrated the real value and potential of the technology.

It is unlikely that any single system will evolve to encompass EVERY requirement of the facilities manager, and that separate CAFM, property, project, finance and procurement systems will continue to be used. Therefore a technology such as iSite has a wide application across the FM sector both for clients and service providers.


> Middlesex University: New ways of working

What the judges say ….

"This project from Middlesex University set out their ambition for New Ways Of Working: to “go paperless”. Wider benefits were achieved including space-saving, the introduction of shared workspaces and significant reductions in photocopier and printer costs.
With the agreement that a paper free campus was the way forward, it was recognised in the early stages of the project that the development of a new online archive document depository, was required. This would run in parallel with the rationalisation of our legacy staff printing fleet as well as a new off-site digital mail and bulk scanning service." (Award entry)

This entry was awarded the Judges Commendation in reflection of the major organisational and cultural change that is ground-breaking for higher education institutions.