Sustainability and Environmental Impact

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The Sustainability and Environmental Impact Award rewards the outstanding on-going delivery of sustainable and environmental initiatives.

Cheshire Constabulary; Operation Cleanup

The Constabulary recognised over 5 years ago a business need to cut costs in light of the spending programme from the Government. For the FM Department, this involved reviewing their own services provided. The submission provides robust initiative aligned well with the Constabulary and critically very well integrated into the day to day policing activities led through a partnership between FM, IT and serving police officers and supported at the senior ranks.  The ability to communicate these ideas were visible and supported the overall ethos through measures such as an engaging video, the Inspector Carbon character and utilising a simple but effective logo to reach the police force – importantly developed by the police force themselves.

Over the past five years, the Constabulary was able to demonstrate the savings and improvements that had been made – increased recycling, reduce energy consumption, changes in behaviours to build in sustainability, greater focus on the community helping to build trust, greater use of existing police officers to take on roles rather than relying on external contractors. An example of dealing with marijuana was shown which had led to significant costs savings, increased satisfaction from police officers, the safe destruction of the marijuana together with the equipment used.

Progress made at Cheshire is now being recognised across the country through the development of an Ecobook guidance documentation intended to share knowledge and experiences with the national forces – led by the FM team. Multi-million pound savings have been identified by following a similar approach to dealing with toxic wastes, with Cheshire supporting the roll-out of this knowledge. A longer term plan is necessary for the police force to provide a challenging target and ensure engagement with the senior managers.


HIGHLY COMMENDED: Premier Workplace Services; Premier Sustain – Business Class Sustainable Services

Re-use and recycling of redundant furniture was identified by Premier Sustain a number of years ago as an environmental issue which larger organisations had due to simply not understanding the type and number of furniture held as a business. Premier Sustain was developed as an integral part of the moves business, developed at a small scale initially to grow at a controlled rate. 
A structured approach has been developed to focus on identification of the individual pieces of furniture as assets, promote reuse of the furniture directly or through re-modelling and working with charities for any additional items that cannot be used. The benefits being achieved are significant in the financial savings being made for organisations, the carbon saved through the approach and the charitable benefits that result from the provision of the furniture.


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