Improving the working environment -Nature in the Office (including the BIFM South Region AGM)

31st January 2018 (5:30PM)

Location Specsavers, Forum 6, Solent Business Park, Whiteley, Hampshire PO15 7PA
Contact Ian Fielder
Tel 07795181009
Website mproving-the-working-environment + AGM
Details Buildings and office environments appear more calming and simply a nicer place to be when plants are present. They are more interesting, colourful and relaxing. The effects arenít just psychological either; physiological effects such as lowered blood pressure are also proven benefits of a greener office. Plants also enable us to perceive our surroundings better, we feel more comfortable and this, in turn, reduces stress.

People love plants and beautiful plant displays say a lot about your company. As a facilities manager can you show you care about the health, wellbeing and motivation of staff? We know that plants impress visitors and demonstrate a commitment to green, environmentally sound practices. Plus we know that plants improve air quality by absorbing toxins, adding oxygen and raising humidity.

Our guest presenter, David Snell, Managing Director, Nature at Work Ltd, will discuss how plants are proven to reduce stress, absenteeism and increase productivity. He believes they can transform the workplace for a fraction of the price of redecoration. He says ďI've always felt that people in offices should be made to feel at home in some way. They are stuck in a hermetically sealed office, next to a printer or photocopier - or worse - they are right next to the air conditioning. So why don't companies look after their staff better? Why not have some healthy greenery to soften things and to make working more enjoyable?Ē

The event will include the regional AGM and culminate in refreshments and networking. We have allowed for a maximum of 60 attendees for this opportunity to gain knowledge and boost your CPD by attending this event. Please see the BIFM main website (South Region Documents) for the AGM agenda and notes from the 2017 AGM.
This evening is open to all, including non-members and we encourage you to invite friends and colleagues.
We would like to thank Specsavers for hosting this event and providing refreshments and our speaker for sharing their knowledge and experience.

For further details please contact Ian Fielder at or book on Eventbrite

BIFM South Region is supported by Procore FM Consultancy, Crimson Tide mpro Ltd and the Resourcing Group

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