Essentials of Workplace Leadership - 7-8 November and 6 December, London - 3 day course (2 days + 1 day)

7th - 8th November 2018 (9:00AM - 5:00PM)

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Garfield House
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W2 2EA
United Kingdom
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The address above is the venue for both the 2 day session and the 1 day follow up session.
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Details Some of the world’s most influential and successful companies use workplace as a tool for business advantage. The idea of using workplace for competitive advantage is by no means new, but it’s one many organisations still fail to act upon. In part this is because of confusion about what constitutes workplace, with practitioners from different professions seeing it in very different ways. However, it’s also because of a lack of awareness of the importance of workplace. It’s often seen – particularly by senior management – as a costly overhead.

In this intensive three-day course learners will look more holistically at workplace by challenging their preconceptions of what workplace is and why it’s important. Learners will be provided with knowledge and tools to enable them to help their organisations and their clients to make more informed decisions about workplace, and to assume a leadership role in workplace change initiatives. This course will comprise two initial workshop days, interim practical ‘discovery missions’, then a final action-focused review day.

Attending this course will also entitle learners to become part of the Workplace Leadership Programme community that will grow as the programme develops.

Is it for you?
This course is for you if you are involved in or around any of the spatial, cultural and technological facets of workplace provision. It will also be of benefit if you are looking to more holistically appreciate the role of workplace to unlock organisational advantage and navigate the challenges of workplace change. As an attendee of this course you may be aspiring toward, or established in, middle to senior organisational roles. This includes – but is not limited to – the following roles and functions:

•Facilities management professionals (for both in-house and service providers)
•Property/real estate professionals
•Workplace provision specialists
•Human resources and organisational development professionals
•Finance and procurement professionals
•Architecture and design professionals
•Information and communications technology professionals
•Data science professionals
•Corporate leadership teams (including owner-managers in SMEs)

What will you learn?
The Essentials of Workplace Leadership course will help you develop an understanding of workplace impact upon individual and organisational performance as well as provide you with the capability to make critically informed decisions regarding that impact.

You will gain the ability to become an agent of workplace change for your organisation, and will equip yourself with the tools and methods to evaluate the impact of change initiatives for workplace.

By attending, you will become part of a collaborative, inclusive and supportive learning community in which to reflexively explore new workplace thinking.

Learning techniques within this course

*Please note that you will be set a series of short discovery missions in between the 2 day workshop and the 1 day follow up.*

•Collaborative workshop focussing on – ‘learning through curated discovery’
•Instructor facilitated discussion
•Self-reflection and analysis
•Profiling and case studies
•Multimedia learning resources
•Evaluation and analysis exercises
•Presentation and discussion
•Action planning
•Pre-course engagement and activities
•Post course follow-up

Learning resources
•Comprehensive course work-book
•Curated reading resources
•Curated listening resources
•Course ‘key text’
•Presentation resources
•Delivery materials
•Workplace analysis frameworks and tools
•Leadership awareness tools
•Interim ‘discovery mission’ guidance and support
•Ongoing membership of Workplace Leadership Programme learning community
•Learning needs pre-engagement
•Course follow up

To find out more about workplace and 3edges, click here and visit their website

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