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World FM Day 2017

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World FM Day is a Global FM initiative to celebrate the importance of the FM profession. It aims to raise the profile of FM around the globe, promoting facilities management’s ideals, not only within the profession and industry, but also among governments and the general business community.

World FM Day 2017

This year World FM Day will be celebrated on 17 May 2017. The theme is 'Enabling Positive Experiences.' This theme aims to highlight how facilities management plays an integral role in positive customer, client and employee experience in all sectors, whether it is residential, sport, workplace, healthcare or any other.

World FM Day Promotional resources 2017

The following resources are available for BIFM members and volunteers to download and use to promote 2017 World FM Day events:

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World FM Day 2016 happened on 13 July 2016, with events taking place during 11-15 July.

The theme was ‘Empowering people for a productive world’, which looked at how facilities management (FM) enables different business disciplines to collaborate to deliver high quality business performance.

The member associations of Global FM held events around the world on the day and over that week.  These events were published on the Global FM events map.

Everybody involved in FM was encouraged to celebrate FM and the great workd they do by posting events, stories and photos to hash tag #WorldFMDay and connecting with @WorldFMDay on Twitter.

For 2016 people were also join encouragd to  support  and celebrating the FM industry’s day of recognition by adding a Twibbon to their social media channels to help spread the word and raise people’s awareness of the fantastic work of the FM industry. (Thank you to Magenta Associates)

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