Catering and Hospitality


We are seeking volunteers to join the Catering SIG Committee with positions available for those that hold membership. We would like to hear from you if you are able to offer your time and skills to support the Catering SIG, to advance the FM profession and to also promote and support the development of the Institute.

A position on the committee comes with certain commitments, including the ability to provide sustained attendance at meetings and as required, at activities throughout the year. It also places you at the very forefront of BIFM planning for the SIG and certainly offers many exciting challenges and rewards as a volunteer. If you are interested or would like further information, please email to request further details.


The Catering and Hospitality SIG is a committee of industry leading professionals from both the FM and catering sectors. It has been formed to provide members of the Institute who are working in or have a professional interest with expanding their knowledge and awareness of catering and hospitality services.


  • Act as a centre of excellence - for members to seek expertise, opinion and guidance on best practice within the Catering and Hospitality industry
  • Share knowledge - through formal links with other trade and professional bodies within the Catering and Hospitality Industry to strengthen the depth of knowledge and resources available to members
  • Education and promoting best practice - by hosting throughout the course of each year a program of topical and informative CPD events which will impart valuable advice and expand members experience and management of catering and hospitality service
  • Member interaction - by way of providing a forum for members to connect,  network and exchange ideas

Joining the Group

It is appreciated that catering is often one of the smallest expenditures in the FM bundle; however for many FMs it is not an area of specialist knowledge and for the customer it can be an emotive issue.

The Catering and Hospitality Special Interest Group will appeal to members in all sectors and specifically those that have either direct or indirect management responsibility for catering and hospitality services as part of the FM industry. In addition those members that may be considering introducing catering into the FM service, or those that just want to know how best to deliver a customer facing service, will get huge value for joining the SIG.

If you are a BIFM member and would like to join us, please click on the subscribe link on the left hand side of this page and we will include you on our mailing list for upcoming events.