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We believe that procurement is an essential part of delivering FM services, as we rely on finding the right products and service providers to support our organisations. Whether it be discovering the most appropriate products/services or getting the best deal, all FMs have some responsibility for procurement and supply chain management.

The Procurement SIG has historically offered support to our Members through the production of Guidance Notes and Good Practice Guides, which are designed to be used as reference documents for those with a limited amount of experience. We will continue to produce new reference documents and welcome suggestions from our Members for new topics.

Going forward, we will be extending our activities to create dialogue around the topics that are important to our Members; sharing knowledge and debating best practice by working with other Regions and SIGs. We will also be running our own events and webinars, which we intend will cover the hot topics of the day.


The Committee are an experienced group of industry professionals with an enthusiasm and desire to make Facilities Managers confident and knowledgeable about procurement and supply chain management.

We want to interact with our Members either through Social Media or using the BIFM web pages, to understand your issues and help you find solutions.

We want to raise awareness of the importance of good procurement practices and how to get the most from your supply chain.

We would be delighted to welcome you to our group so if you are interested and logged in as a BIFM member, please click on the subscribe link to the right of this page.


FM ProcurementBIFM Good Practice guide to FM Procurment

This Good Practice Guide is for facilities management professionals responsible for purchasing products or services. It sets out how the process should run for those who will work with procurement colleagues and for those who will handle the purchase themselves.

The guide is aligned to the BIFM qualification and supports the Procurement modules at levels 4, 5 and 6.

> Download the Good Practice Guide to FM Procurement

BIFM Statutory Compliance in FM Guidance Note

Statutory ComplianceThe Statutory Compliance in FM Guidance Note will help facilities management professionals involved in supply chain management understand statutory compliance across procurement projects. It includes useful information for FM professionals who are involved in the procurement process, from those with in-house procurement teams and working in supply chain management to those directly handling the responsibilities of purchasing.

The document highlights key elements that facilities managers need to understand in the procurement process, to ensure that all facilities and FM supply chain facilities remain statutorily compliant in areas such as legislation and resource management.

Click here to download this guide>>

CBIFM Collaboration in FM: Integrated Supply Chain Management Guidance Note

BIFMProcurementGuidanceNoteThis guidance explores the nature of collaborative relationships within the supply chain. It† helps facilities management professionals decide whether collaborative relationships are appropriate and how the BS 11000 Collaborative Business Relationships (CBR) works in practice.

This guidance note covers:

  • The collaborative working options available which include: partnership, partnering alliancing and tips for managing the relationship post contract
  • Tips on how to determine a supplier's suitability for collaborative working
  • Styles and definitions of Collaborative Business Relationships (CBR)
  • Examples of a Collaborative Working Agreement and BS 11000 Collaborative Business Relationship Model

Click here to download this guide >>

Click here to view BIFM Webinar: Collaboration in FM >>

BIFM Getting Started with NEC3 Guidance Note

BIFM and the Procurement SIG have produced a brand new Guidance Note on Getting Started with NEC3. This guidance helps you chart your way through the NEC Term Service Contract (TSC) and the NEC Term Service Short Contract (TSSC) from an FM perspective.

It includes information on each contract to enable you to choose which would be more suitable for your specific needs, and incorporates details on core clauses and contract data.

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BIFM Ethical Procurement and Supply Guidance Note

Best Practice Requirements in association with the Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply (CIPS)

This document outlines the importance of ethical procurement and supply, and also provides guidelines to assist those procuring goods, works and services. It will cover:

  • The importance of ethical procurement and supply
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Organisational responsibilities
  • Personal responsibilities
  • Areas of risk for unethical procurement and supply
  • Adopting ethical procurement codes of practice.

BIFM Supply Chain Relationship Management Guidance Note

This Guidance Note outlines the key aspects for successful supply chain relationship management and why it is important. It will cover:

  • Terminology and definitions
  • Why supply chain relationship management is †necessary
  • The key components of good supply chain relationship management
  • The benefits to both supplier and customer

BIFM Measuring Contractors Performance Using KPIs Guidance Note

Why measure performance?

The purpose of this Guidance Note is to get you to start thinking about different ways to measure and score contractors performance.

The main reasons for measuring performance are to:

  • Learn and improve
  • Report internally and externally
  • Demonstrate compliance
  • Provide information to help managers make better informed decisions
  • Comply with external reporting regulations and information requests

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