Risk & Business Continuity Management

The Security & Business Continuity SIG has now been renamed as the ‘Risk and Business Continuity Management’ SIG. Whilst physical security and business continuity remain a major part of the remit for many Facilities Managers, regulatory compliance and the management of physical risks to premises also form part of that remit. The scope of SIG has now been extended to encompass these issues and therefore provide a wider offering of CPD events for BIFM members.
The SIG aims to:

1. Provide BIFM members with a wider choice of CPD events in the field of risk, compliance and business continuity;
2. Reflect current thinking that business continuity, compliance and risk are all inter-related issues.
3. Further recognise the broad base of issues and disciplines that are covered within FM which include risk and business continuity
4. Provide a forum for the promotion and exchange of best practices related to physical risk management, regulatory compliance and business continuity.
Chair: Dave Cooke
Tel: 07802775298
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