Welcome to the Workplace SIG

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” Charles Darwin.

The one constant factor that all those working in the field of facilities management face is change. Whether the drivers are economic, technological, cultural or sociological, the ability to respond in the right way to change is a quality that helps organisations to survive and thrive. How the challenge is faced, is upto individual decision makers. Each will have a unique approach to the ways in which their organisation is best able to respond to change now and in the future.

This SIG has a mission to provide the members of the facilities management profession in the UK with the tools it needs to identify, assess and implement forward-thinking workplace solutions which meet those challenges.

The Workplace SIG has been established to represent a cross-section of appropriate disciplines including: management and culture, spatial design, technology, fit-out and people planning. The SIG will provide a platform for debate on key issues, applying the knowledge, experience and skills of industry leaders to provide updates, best practice insights and new solutions.

To kick-start this process, we’re asking some fundamental questions, beginning with: “Do we need office designers to provide a great workplace?”

Please use this website and look out for these events and gatherings as for the Workplace SIG to be effective and add real value for BIFM members, active participation from members is expected and necessary.

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