In this section, members, and at times wider audiences, can find a range of resources including briefing notes on policy subjects, position papers on particular issues and information on consultations BIFM is engaging in.

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Briefing and guidance listed in order of publication date.

Consultation submissions can be found here.

Topic update: Government response, advice and actions following the Grenfell Tower Disaster- updated December 2017

Following the tragic events at the Grenfell Tower in June, the Government announced a series of measures and interventions with the aim of preventing a similar tragedy from ever happening again.

BIFM's topic updates aim to provide an overview of the different actions undertaken by the Government and how BIFM has fed into them so far. Updates provide links to the different relevant websites and documents.  This latest topic update (December 2017) follows the publication of Dame Judith Hackitt’s interim report on the Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety on Monday 18 December 2017. It gives a short overview of the interim report and also highlights two new papers that were published 11 December 2018 with advice for building owners on fire safety implications of external wall systems that do not incorporate Aluminium Composite Material.

The topic update can be found here.

BIFM's review of the Queen's Speech

The Institute has reviewed the Queen's Speech (21 June 2017) for the relevant legislative proposals and initiatives that impact upon its members and the facilities management sector.

The Queen’s Speech, the last one until 2019, focused heavily on bills dealing with Brexit. Particularly relevant for the FM sector are: The Repeal Bill, Customs Bill, Trade Bill and Immigration Bill.

You can find a summary of this information here.


BIFM's Priorities for the UK Government

Following the UK General Election held on Thursday 8 June, BIFM has set out its strategic priorities for the facilities management sector.

Accounting for about seven per cent of UK GDP, the health of the wider FM industry has a major impact on the overall UK economy, with BIFM outlining its three priorities for the Government as it faces the challenges of the next few years.

The BIFM Priorities paper can be downloaded in full here.

Government manifestos: General Election 2017

BIFM has reviewed the manifestos of the UK's three main political parties to identify the election promises which may impact on the future of the FM industry.


The Labour party published their election manifesto on Tuesday 16 May.

BIFM’s summary of key commitments can be found here.

Liberal Democrats

The Liberal Democrats published their election manifesto on Wednesday 17 May.

BIFM’s summary of key commitments can be found here.


The Conservatives released their manifesto on Thursday 18 May.

BIFM’s summary of key points can be found here.

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