Quick Start Guides

BIFM Quick Start Guides were launched 2018. The new range of knowledge resources for facilities management professionals provide concise tips on a range of specialist topics. They complement the larger, more detailed, popular BIFM Good Practice Guides.

Asbestos Surveys

asbestosBIFMís Asbestos Surveys Quick Start Guide details three types of asbestos survey, and identifies what you must do to remain compliant.

> Download the BIFM Quick Start Guide to Asbestos Surveys

quick start guide to GS1GS1: The bar code. What does it mean for Facilities Management?

Our latest Quick Start Guide deals with GS1, which is a neutral, not for profit global organisation that develops and maintains the most widely used data capture system in the world Ė the bar code.

This is also the organisation behind the QR code and the RFID tag. The standards that underpin GS1 systems and products help to improve the efficiency, safety and visibility of information exchange across multiple sectors.

> Download the BIFM Quick Start Guide to GS1.

Vacant PropertyVacant Property Protection

The Quick Start Guide on Vacant Property Protection,supported by Global Guardians Management Ltd, guide offers comprehensive advice for facilities and property managers on how to avoid the problems and unexpected costs resulting from a vacant property.

> Download the BIFM Quick Start Guide on Vacant Property Protection

Choosing an FM Operating Model

Thirty years ago, facilities management was largely an in-house affair. As the market has matured, so have delivery models. FM is now largely outsourced, with few organisations employing simply a management layer concerned with supervising delivery partners. Broadly speaking, FM falls into seven operating models and our Quick Start Guide highlights the merits of each of these, helping FMs select the most appropriate to their requirements.

> Download the BIFM Quick Start Guide on Choosing FM Operating Models.


How to Combat Cyber-Threats

Cases of cyber-attacks and corporate espionage are on the rise. The increasing adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) brings many operational benefits by automating building services, but also opens up the real risk of organisations being hacked through their Building Management Systems (BMS). Cyber-hacking is no longer the sole concern of the IT department; it is an assault on the entire organisation. Our Quick Start Guide highlights the consequences of a cyber-threat and the FM professionals role in preventing cyber-attacks.

> Download the BIFM Quick Start Guide on How to Compat Cyber Threats


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